Oh 'Crap' I've become one of 'those' parents - Potty Training

Why, What, When?
Did I become one of 'those' parents who take a potty around in the car & allow their child to use it in a car park. 
Today. I joined the gang of one of 'those' parents today. Hands over face. 

Nothing & I mean NOTHING strikes terror in the heart of parents more than these two words : Potty Training.  
Any kind of change in routine is a challenge. It even seems perhaps terrifying for yourself or even your toddler. You add poop & pee into the mix & you know thats recipe for disaster. 

Ha can you tell i'm not a big fan of the potty training stage? I believe when your child is ready they'll let you know. Emilyn my eldest was easy I can say that Hugo was only 4 months old when Emilyn decided she wanted to wear knickers. I was petrified. Having her in nappies was relatively easy. But she insisted & I wasn't going to say no to her. She blogged about it here. To be fair she's fab & holding her pee in until she's able to go, so I never had the issue with taking the potty out in the car with us. 
Hugo though I'm thinking the potty will be in the car a while yet. The reassurance that we have the potty, helps me & think it also helps Hugo relax too, knowing he has it with us. 

Hugo has been dry all night for months literally, if he wears nappies they're empty & now for the past week he has been in pants & not had one accident. 
This is totally his choice though. I would prefer to keep him in nappies for my own sanity!! Oh god I'm a horrible MUMMY! I know. 
I think it's just Hugo has been an on & off potty trainer for the past year. All his choice. When the going gets tough. Well I shove a nappy back on him. Today however. He's been at preschool all morning & came home with the same pants & trousers on. 
I know potty training takes perseverance, I know I know I know. This is how I become one of those Parents. POTTY TRAINING IS HARD WORK. I know he's ready. I just need to work with him. I suppose its a bit like toilet training a puppy. She was relatively easy though. Our Cavapoo Puppy Coco of course she was only easy because I put the hard work in & took her outside every 20 minutes. I'm thinking this is what I'm going to have to do with Hugo. 
Well lets see how he goes. He is three now after all. 

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