To my darling boy, you turn three tomorrow.

To my darling boy Hugo, Tomorrow you turn three. Such a big boy now, You've been wanting to be three for the last year, you've been wanting to be 'bigger bigger' for the last 6 months. 
In the past year you've amazed me by your courage & strength.
For the nights you will stay awake & cry for hours & hours for your boots and bar off.
For the nights you've slept till sunrise. (On the rather rare occasion)
For the days you've spent at Pre-school playing with all your 'best friends' 
For the hours you lay on the floor playing cars & making very good car noises I must say (You seem to be rather famous for your car noises)
For the hospital appointments week after week, to be prodded & pocked & having your feet bent in all the directions possible. Without you making a fuss. 
For your amazing personality that just knows when Mummy is sad. 
I can't quite believe your three tomorrow. Your three.
Three seems like such a big number. 

the top photo Hugo is 11 months old & the bottom he is 1 year old.
The last night being a 2 year old

You've lost your baby baby face & you refuse to wear your baby baby vests. 
You dress yourself each morning & tantrum if I even ask you to change to something a bit better for the occasion. For that I love from you as it shows great determination & you're finding out who you as a person are. (Even if you are a very little person)
I love that football boots are suitable dress code again for any occasion (even weddings I do believe)
I love how much you aspire to be your big sister, I love how much you adore & look up to her. 
Cuddle her when she's sad or hurt. 
You miss her all day whilst she's at 'Big School' non stop chit chat about 'Eah'

I love that you have just started to understand the whole importance of boots and bar, to help keep your special happy feet corrected. Although the night times need much more improvement. We are steadily climbing the ladder to great things. 

Happy third birthday darling boy. Lets make this one a good one. 

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