Vax launches UK’s first domestic multi-function pressure washer + steam cleaner

Vax launches UK’s first domestic multi-function pressure washer + steam cleaner
Britain’s leading floorcare brand* unveils the UK’s first domestic multi-function pressure washer, delivering a high pressure water jet and hot steam. 
Pressure washers are great for blasting away dirt and grime from all sorts of outdoor surfaces, while a steam cleaner gives you the extra performance you only get from a hot clean. Now you can combine the two, as Vax’s new 2-in-1 Powerwash Plus Steam is a powerful 2000W pressure washer with an in-built steam cleaner, giving you both functions in one easy to use machine. 

Its dual function makes it ideal for barbeques, children’s play equipment and outdoor animal areas; once you’ve used the high pressure jet to clean away stubborn dirt, you can switch to steam mode for a blast of hot steam.**  Or if your patio is in need of a spring clean, the washer quickly blasts away green algae, helping to restore its original colour, while the steam function is ideal for cleaning tables and other patio furniture. 
Mounted on wheels for easy transportation, the Powerwash Plus Steam is so versatile that once you’ve started cleaning you won’t want to stop. You can also use it on vehicles, driveways, wooden fences, sheds, decking, brickwork, masonry, rubbish bins, guttering and much more. With its long hose and cable giving a total reach of 11 metres, you can keep cleaning for longer without having to move it around. It’s designed to be very simple to operate, with an easy-squeeze trigger on the hand gun and a built-in safety lock.


 A selection of add-on accessories are also available including a Car Kit and Patio Kit with specialist cleaning brushes, and a range of pressure washer cleaning detergents to help remove stubborn dirt from different surfaces. You’ll always have the right tool for the job too, as the included accessories store away neatly on the machine. There’s a lance and jet nozzle to dislodge dirt from all types of surface while the higher pressure turbo nozzle is great for blasting away really tough dirt and for removing old paint. For loosening dirt, moss and grime before you wash, use the detergent nozzle to apply detergent directly to the area.
The Vax Powerwash Plus Steam 2000W pressure washer is available from major retailers for RRP £279.99. For more information about Vax pressure washers visit VAX/pressure-washers

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