4 months later my nights with a Talipes Toddler - I kid you not. Video linked*

4 months after I posted My nights with a Talipes toddler
Hugo is now 3 years old & 1 month old. 
It's now a year ago I posted A normal night with boots and bar a whole year ago. 
I just sat here & watched the video from last year. 
How is this a healthy way to live? A happy way to live? 
I know yes his feet come first. I of course want his feet to be perfect. But with 2 more years to go with the boots and bar I'm happy to throw my hands up in the air & say I need help. 
How much more of this can one human take? before exploding. 
I'll admit in the past I've given up too easily but also I'm exhausted as it is let alone lets stay up every night  listen to my 3 year old sob his heart out.... 
Like I said theres only so much little sleep one person can live on. 
I've started getting worried about his feet, he complains of pain a lot. 
We're back at the hospital next week & I've been trying to get him back in the swing of wearing his boots. Easier said than done. 

Last night Hugo went to bed well. He had hid ADM boots on & as I was falling asleep he woke up. 
My night shift has began, I managed to get him into my bed & cuddle up to him, reassuring him his boots are on to help his feet. He gradually fell asleep. 
Then at 11:17 he woke up - His feet hurt & he wanted his boots off. I sat up with him reassured him & we spent 20 minutes looking through my Happy Feet Talipes page at all the happy children & babies wearing their boots and bar. How he isn't alone, he isn't the only one in the world. 
This made him calm down & eventually he fell back to sleep.
Only a short while later 12:30 he awake again. saying his feet hurt, to take his boots off him. 
It's heartbreaking.
Last night I filmed him every time he woke up. 
I took his boots off at 5ish & i'm now a walking zombie today. 
Don't watch if you're feeling emotional.

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