Friday night Disco at home

Miss E's school had a Disco yesterday evening, I was meant to get her tickets... 
Eeeek. My weeks have been totally hectic. Did you know we are on the 4 weeks countdown to our Wedding Blessing?  & with Hugo not sleeping & myself feeling a tad under the weather... you know. Life is certainly crazy.
I kind of just presumed... I know now I've presumed wrongly but I thought she wouldn't want to go, the last school disco turned into a bit of a nightmare. She clung to my leg the whole time, like I had strapped a 2 stone dead weight to both my legs, by the time I had managed to prise her arms off me I then suddenly had 14 4 & 5 year olds dancing in a big circle with me. I am no Mary Poppins I assure you.
So I dismissed this school disco.

Tuesday night E pipped up the courage to ask If she was going to the disco. 
Oh no. I've effed up. All her little friends were going. Balls & now I've left it too late to buy a ticket. 
The tantrum was immense.

So what do I do? Friday morning rolls round & I spend the day turning our house into a Disco. 

I moved the kitchen island to the other side so they had a large open space to dance.

I dug out the disco lights I've bought for the wedding reception for the children. 

I found the brilliant speaker that I can attach the iPad to so I streamed Youtube off it.

They then danced their little butts off till 6pm. 

They had party food & sweets.

We danced the Cha Cha Slide, the macarena, S club 7 Reach, Who let the dogs out, Superman, 
And lots of others. 
We had a ball. 

I think I regained myself. 
I'm finally back in her good books. 

Such a simple yet cost effective way to throw a disco at home. 

We really must do this again. 

The fantastic light was purchased from Amazon for just £17.99 free delivery.

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