Hypermobility, Tight Tendons & Talipes check up 12/02/15

Today Hugo had his 3 monthly talipes appointment, You guys know as much as I do that I'm seriously struggling to get the hours in. He's a pickle at wearing his boots an bar to say the least.
I had everything crossed that his feet would still be doing good. Last check up they said they're 'textbook' corrected. It's been just 3 months & his left foot has gone from a 50 to a 20, his right food is still a 50. Good news is this isn't a relapse but it's not brilliant news. It just shows he MUST still wear his boots. For 12 hours every night because if this is the case & the foot is moving (going back to how it used to be) then what have the past 3 years been for? Just a waste? I would never forgive myself.

Hugo loves the hospital waiting room. He loves playing with the cars.

Hugo was amazing when the physio examined his feet. Honestly I'm so proud of him. He just sat there & let them bend his legs / feet all over the place.

The physio said she thinks he's quite intelligent & he knows exactly whats going on. 
I explained how much he complains of his ADM's hurting him. 
But there isn't a great deal that they can help with. 

Daddy, Mr.H managed to come with us so nice to have him there, just to support me really, I feel like i'm doing most of this by myself.

We also found out that the whole of Hugo pretty much is hyper mobile. He's very bendy. This could be making boots and bar wearing harder. He complains about knee pain A LOT. People look at me like I'm mad but his knees bend backwards... the picture below will explain it to you...
Hypermobile leg left. - normal right.
I've been recommended to invest in the c-prodirect dorsi ramp at £96 I hope it can help. Once it's here I'll get a blog review up to show you.

So overall we are coping, we are getting there, two steps forwards 4 steps back kind of thing, yes his left foot isn't perfect but with physio & getting him to keep the boots on at night. Fingers crossed in June it will be better. OH JOY we are going to be one shattered household for a few months.

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