National Stationery Week 2015‏ #lovestationery #getbritainwriting

The Power of the Written word.
Writing by hand, on paper is just as important as ever. 

I know I know we have laptops & iPads & touch screen devices. 
I admit I am one of those people that doesn't write that much. 
I however love just how personal a hand written card or letter is. 
Over the typed / emailed letter.

You really can never have too much stationary.
As well as national stationery week. 
We get to see the launch of #worldstationaryday on 29th April.

I'm going to show you this amazing Harinacs Staple-less stapler.
It's amazing, & I love how I can leave it with my 5 year old unsupervised whilst she makes her little books.

Harinacs Staple-less stapler.


Keep your eyes peeled for our Zebra pen give-away too! 

We love writing. We love stationary.

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