Remembering why I blog. Talipes, He asked for his boots and bar on.

Boots and bar 
I think sometimes, I lose track on why I blog. It's simple really, I started my blog to help spread Talipes awareness. Since then though I know I've lost track. I know I've picked up other blog habits other blog trends. But I feel I can't just blog 100% about talipes. You guys don't want to read depressing posts day in & day out. I have shared my passion of Upcycling, Buggies, shabby chic, interior design & my life with you. How my children astound me daily by them growing & developing. I love to share with you how well speech therapy is going for both smalls. & how Emilyn loves getting new glasses. I love fashion & shoes. I love sharing our life with you.
I do also love looking back at their life, Emilyn going through potty training, Hugo going through potty training. Its lovely to have my online diary.

This blog was primarily to tell you about Talipes.
However I do love how it's grown & it's turned into me, it's Busybeemummybex.Blogspot.

Yesterday we had a small victory. Hugo had spent the night crying like usual about his boots and bar, We got him dressed & then he asked for his boots and bar on. He asked for them on! No fighting & they were on, amazing!! It's days like today I love blogging. I love sharing happy posts with you.

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