Toilet Training a boy through the eyes of a toddler : Part two

About a hundred weeks ago I decided to put my pants on & be a big boy. (Mummy corrected me & said two weeks ago) two weeks ago feels not a long time ago so I'm going to stick with my hundred weeks ago. Sounds better. 
I think Eàr (this is what Hugo calls Emilyn he always has & is now her nickname) 
I think Eàr told you all about her toilet training journey too.
You can read it here & here 
So after being in pants for a hundred weeks now I'm doing great. 
Mummy bought me Lightening Mcqueen pants. AMAZING!! 
The day I chose to wear pants though Mummy was poorly & wasn't very happy about it. 
I made her proud by having no accidents!!
In the hundred weeks of being dry I've just had two accidents in my pants & this was because I couldn't get myself on the toilet quick enough. 
Im a big boy now & don't need anyones help. Sometimes I need Mummy or daddas help but only sometimes. 
I'm still a big boy wearing big boy pants. 
I'm as big as my sister now. 
Mummy is sad that after hundred million years the house wis now nappy free her babies are all grown up. 
Mummy says I'm funny because I mastered wearing pants at night time before wearing pants in the day time. 
I'm now very good at knowing when I need the two P's - (a pee or a poo)
The first hundred weeks Mummy had to keep asking me every 20 minutes. 
I'm now super proud because I'm now big. 
I'm a big boy. 
I'm wearing pants. 

Yours sincerely Master Hugo Harding

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