Valentines 2015 Mr Jack Valentine

Happy Valentines Day.
Emilyn's Valentines card from her Boyfriend (the same boyfriend from last year)
Another year to celebrate Mr Valentine with my smalls, 
Mr. H is away for the weekend so we are spending today with two of my girly best friends going out for Valentines Lunch & collecting Emilyn's new glasses. Before Mr Valentine comes tonight.
Emilyn's card she made for her little boyfriend. So cute.
Mr.H & I don't really celebrate Valentines day as our wedding anniversary is in a few weeks.
I've spoken about Mr Valentine before. 

So who is Mr Valentine I hear you say? Have you really never heard of him? 
I grew up with Mr Valentine in my life ever since I can remember we've always had Mr valentine in our life. 
I think it's wonderful to involve the children in Valentines day seeing as I think for adults its all about Carlton Cards making money out of the soppy loved up couples. 
& restaurant chains banking in on the profits of the soppy loves ones that waste money in Carlton cards. 
Ha I sound like such a valentines scrooge.
Mr Valentine is all I know, each valentines there will be a knock at the door & a bag left outside. 
Each bag will have a small gift in. 
Nothing crazily expensive, socks, chocolates, crafty stuff. You get it, stocking filler type stuff. 
I think its a lovely tradition & hope my children follow it through for their children. 

I love how much Emilyn (now 5 years old) gets excited about Mr Valentine coming, though last year she got ridiculously scared about opening the door & getting the gifts. 
We spent last year in Norfolk at my Grans (Mr Valentine actually originates from Norfolk I explained that in my post last year.)

This was Emilyn having her very first visit from Mr Valentine. 

It's also VERY interesting what we all think Mr Valentine looks like... My sister & I had this conversation a few years ago. I oddly think of him as a man dressed in black (to blend in with the darkness) with a top hat on like a spy. Where as my sister thinks of him as a little elf *emphasis on his elf ears*
quite creepy really....

So my question to you all is: Have you heard of Mr Valentine before?
Do you do Mr Valentine for your children?
Perhaps you'll start now?

It doesn't need to be expensive either... this year I've got them new slipper, socks, crafty bits, chocolate hearts, a few games. The excitement is the knocking at the door.

Happy Valentines Day 

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