We love Pancakes

Happy Shrove Tuesday lovely people. 
I hope you are all stuffing your face with pancakes. 
Pancake day for us is a special day. We got married almost 4 years ago on pancake day! 
We had pancakes for pudding. Then spent two weeks in Tunisia & indulged in pancakes every day whilst there. 
Luckily both my smalls have grown up to also love pancakes. 
In the past few days we've eating A LOT of pancakes. 

This is my smalls this morning, (Pancake morning) with their pancakes. 
I love how you can have sweet or savoury pancakes. 
We love princes fruit fillings in our pancakes with maple syrup & cream. 
Or Nutella stuffed pancakes Last year we cheated with some pancakes & had Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles pancakes  Emilyn loved them. 

Pancake day

So what pancakes will you be having? 
Happy Pancake day!!

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