Sunday family fun day

How lovely has today been, a beautiful day with my wonderful family. 
We went to our local swimming pool, my two love swimming, they're complete water babies. 
Emilyn has been trying to swim without her armbands (she calls them swim-bands) because she saw some other children swimming without them, she asked "why haven't they got swim bands on?"
When I explained they had learnt to swim without them, she straight away said its now time to take them off. 
She fortunately could touch the floor, it made it easier to try swimming without them.
Hugo actually let us let go of him & he bopped around whilst wearing his swim bands. 
Giggling his head off. 

They just love swimming. 
I adore our family Sunday's.
After swimming we went to the most amazing cafe.
We ordered milkshakes & lunch. 
Hugo almost fell asleep in his lunch, swimming is tiring stuff.

Finally after a quick cup of tea & a sit down, we took the dogs for a walk with my parents. 
It got quite hot & sunny! Lovely day.

Now to chill for the rest of the day.

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