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Pooch & Mutt Premium Products

‏When Pooch & Mutt contacted me asking whether Coco would like to review these scrumptious treats I just couldn't say no. 

Coco is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross Poodle. 
She's a clever cookie. 
We took the fabulous treats over to my friends house she has recently got a beautiful border collie puppy. 
The Puppy Development treats were a huge hit with both puppies. 

The children got involved with teaching the pups to sit, stay, paw... ect ect.

Coco can be quite fussy with treats, I loved how much she loves these treats. 
She has improved with her training so much since using the Brain & Train treats. 
She will literally follow everything I do if I have the treat in my hand. So fab.

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"coco sit....!"
Coco sitting with the Calm & Relaxed treats.
What I love most :
My pup adores them.
Free from artificial flavours, colours or preservatives 
They are UK made. 
Coco sit, stay & Paw....

Emilyn my daughter getting both pups to sit whilst using the Brain & Train treats.
Coco sit & Flash sit using the Calm & Relaxed treats.

Coco & Flash sit.

Pooch & Mutt treats

Pooch & Mutt Puppy Development treats

Emilyn & Hugo training the pups

Coco sit. 

Pooch & Mutt treats

Coco sit.
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