"I don't have the energy to exercise"...Live a Healthy life with Blend Active.

My excuses used to include :
"I don't have the energy to exercise"
"I'm too busy to exercise"
"I'll start tomorrow"
"I wish I had someone to exercise with"

These are excuses. But no more, no more excuses...

Eating healthily, Drinking water & living life. Is what life is all about. 
I know love exercising, It makes me feel fab & after a run or a gym session I'm ready for the day.

My Blend Active is a daily part of my life now.
You can buy Blend Active HERE
It's perfect for on the go life style I lead.
I've been running & exercising for just over a year now.
I feel amazing for it too.
My first blog post was this time last year ... Lazy Exercise
Then I blogged about Clubfit; that was awesome.
I have my new running buddy. Meet Coco my puppy. She is the best running partner & makes me carry on even if I feel like I want to give up.

Running through the bluebells.
Oh she may be little but she is the fastest & best running partner <3 nbsp="" td="">
 So no more tomorrow & start today.
You don't even need to make a huge amount of time for it either. 
My exercise routine is 
Tuesday morning run/gym
Wednesday morning run/gym
Friday morning run/gym 
& Sunday morning run. 

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