I'm the not a perfect Mum

Dear not so perfect Mum, 

I just wanted to say hello, to explain that I myself am not a perfect mum, nor do I try to show myself to be. You see I've seen you around. I see you on the school run being dragged down with school bags, balancing one hand on the buggy & the other dragging your child. Who then decides to have the most mammoth tantrum on the path just because it's only Tuesday & he forgot his show & tell that begins with a 'w'
I've seen you at the park staring into the woodland trying to get your head around the fact that even after telling your children 15 times it's now time to go home & they just wont listen to you, I've seen you shouting back & forth with your children to just get in the god damn car. 
I've seen you having to listen to your oldest child scream & tantrum & yell very hurtful things at you because the amount of sugar consumed that day seemed like the better choice to 'keep the calm' than the argument to not give out the sweets. 

I've seen you around & I just wanted to say hello.

I've seen you begging with your children, bribing them, threatening them with the naughty step. 
I've seen you running around with your children, getting dirty & rolling down the grass hill to keep them amused. 
I've seen you sharing every possible food & drink with them because hey it makes life easier.
I've seen you wiping your child's snotty nose with your vest top because you'd run out of tissues. 
I've seen you catch the leg of your child just before they were to fall head first off your bed. 
I've seen you run after them playing the crocodile game. 
I've seen you exhausted in the baby & toddler group drinking coffee trying to make as much adult conversation as humanly possible.
I've seen you gritting your teeth whilst your child screamed at you for making her do the ballet show that she so desperately wanted to do.
I've seen you when you screamed and shouted back at you children.
I've seen the tears rolling down your face after the words "I can't do this anymore"

I just wanted to say hello & tell you, you're not alone. 

I've seen you close your eyes & count to ten after finding the rather melted sticky ice lolly dumped on the floor of your clean car.
I've seen you crying into the sink whilst you desperately try to scrub off the paint on your brand new blouse. 
I've seen you in the local supermarket trying to keep all the children happy stressing over what nappies to buy whilst they are all screaming in harmonised sequence. 
I've seen you in town after you dropped your Starbucks coffee over the floor & your child's screaming she hates you over & over again. 

I've seen you a lot, I see you everyday. 

I just wanted to say hello & tell you, you're not alone. 

Some days are hard, mind blowing with difficulties that are thrown at you.

I just wanted to let you know that its ok. 

It's ok to cry in to your pillow after taking three long exhausting hours to get the children to go to sleep
Why don't they like sleeping? 
It's ok to lose your temper once in a while.
They deserve it really. 
It's ok if you feel exhausted & beans on toast for dinner is all you can manage it is good enough!
It's ok to say "I give up!"
It's ok to walk out the room or the house for a 5 minute breathing session. 
It's all going to be ok. 

I just wanted to say hello.  

I know that some days are so hard, that all you want is for it to be bedtime. Then when bedtime comes your children hug & kiss you over & over again & you wish that moment could last a lifetime. 
I know that you struggle to fit in with 'the perfect mums' 
I know you doubt your self worth over & over again.
I know you struggle day to day to get everything done.
I know you try to make the best out of every situation. 
I know a smile on your face could be hiding a thousands tears inside.

You're not a perfect mum. no matter just how hard you try to be. You will never be a perfect mum. 

Perhaps that haunts you. Perhaps you've accepted that you'll never be. Or maybe its never even crossed your mind.

No matter how much you do, or how little you do with your children, how much money you spend or memories you make, or how little you spend time doing things with you children, when the day is over & they're tucked up in bed, they are still loved. They still smile at you, they believe every thing you tell them. They still think your magic with supernatural powers like queen Elsa (Frozen fan here yes I know) They expect you to be able to fix just about anything & everything. No matter whats happening in your personal or work life. Just remember the next day when your children hop merrily out of bed & expect breakfast before the cockerel has even woken up to do this good morning 'cockadoodledooihng' they will still think your a rock star who can give them the world & beyond. 

I just wanted to say hello & tell you, you're not alone. 

Unfortunately, a perfect parent? Well that just doesn't exist. No matter how far from perfect you are, you are so much better than you think. 
Your children think you're the most amazing mum in the word. 
They will only knowingly admit to that though when they're a mother themselves. 
We have no idea just how amazing our mums are until we are thrown in to the lions den to experience it personally. 

So no matter how many doubts you might have, you never need to doubt this one thing.
You are not perfect. And thats good. 
You know why? because really, no one is, not you, your child or husband or nanny or gramps. 

Congratulations you're not alone we can be not so perfect mums together

I'll see you around. You are awesome. 

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