Say NO to Gender Stereotyping

I was shocked to see this morning, shall I call her 'small minded' human comment on the main Quinny Facebook page about my son. Quinny had posted "Before the 40s, pink was typically a boy's colour. Do you think a pink stroller and a baby boy go together?".... 
of course do. Hugo had a choice between this Coral pink buggy & the lime green buggy. He wanted pink. No questions asked, we got the pink.
Then I woke up to see this comment this woman had the audacity to slate my son - 
 "pink quinny + long hair = poor lad". HA! 
What the actual Eff?
Why exactly is my boy a 'poor lad'? 
Pink for girls & blue for boys? Seriously? 
Long hair for girls & short hair for boys? 
Oh my goodness we would all look like clones if that was the case. 
How narrow minded can someone be? 
All I care about is, my children are happy. 
Yes I allow my son to wear pink, he dresses up in dresses & ballet costumes. 
He also has his nails painted & asks to have his hair plaited to 'snap' his big sisters. 
I would never in a million years stop my son dressing the way he wants. 
We are a family who love colour. My children dress themselves & pick the clothes they want to wear. 
As for his HAIR... yes he has long curly locks. Will he let me cut it? No. He loves his hair. 
My children have their own personality & brains.
Back in 2014 I blogged about "boys in dresses? does this 'turn them gay?'" 
Why, just why do people care so much about colours? pinks, purples, blues, greys, A colour is a colour. 
We as adults shouldn't be saying pinks for girls & blues for boys. 
& If your son wears pink... thats WRONG. That could be so damaging to the poor child, I couldn't imagine telling Hugo that he's done something wrong for wearing X, Y or Z....
It's just a colour. 

Say NO to gender stereotyping. 

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