What is a 'boys boy' toys; say NO to gender stereotyping

My two dressed up

My spider babies.

Today this hit me slap bang in the face - 
"No to pink. 'Cause my son is a boys boy, he goes for cars over the sparkles lol"
So tell me what is my son then? Not a boys boy? Because he likes dressing up & enjoys playing with dolls? 
What am I then? 
I love all the colours, I love having my hair & make up done, I love dressing up looking girly, I also love getting my hands dirty, doing D.I.Y & gardening. I'm not afraid to change a car tyre either. 
If we are here to label then what the eff am I? 
A Tomboy? or a girly girl? Or am I confused?
NO I am a female.  
Who are we to label out our children?

I thought after my blog about Say no to gender stereotyping I had calmed & recollected myself. Then whilst cooking dinner tonight I read the above....

In my eyes I'd actually class my son as a complete lad. 
He's loud, loves football, loves & adores cars, loves play fighting, loves dolls, loves playing mums & babies, loves barbies, loves pink, black, blue, purple, loves duplo & lego the list is endless. 
The whole say no to gender stereotyping what i was trying to get my point across this morning is exactly what this particular lady totally missed. She obviously doesn't get it. 
Toys are toys & colours are colours. 
Our children don't care & as we have seen majority of the time its adults that are telling children "no thats for girls or no thats for boys".... Blah blah blah. 

We should be teaching children yes your a boy. yes your a girl. 
none of this 'you're a boy so you must do what boys do.' 
You're a girl so you must do what girls do. 
It's simply bull.

My dream job? I would happily be a female lorry driver (If it didn't cost so much to actually get a lorry licence now) 

What have we learnt here today then? The fact that to children there's no such thing as 'girls toys' or 'boys toys' to them there is just 'toys toys' well unless they're taught otherwise.

I should do a diagram 
I'll put my neck back in now. Sorry for ranting. Frustrating when things are aimed at MY SON.... 

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