The ADM boots are doing good!

The news I've been waiting for. Just how good are these ADM boots. They're from C-Pro Direct & he's had them about 9 months 
then he accidentally 
Broke the ADM boots - March 2015
Then we got the new ADM's sent to us & at last he sleeps whilst wearing them!! 
Walking to the hospital

Tiring business going to the hospital.

So since April 15 he has worn his boots every night all night for 12-14 hours. It's amazing.
He told his Physios yesterday all by himself. 
I said Hugo has big news for you...
"I wear my boots all night long" Hugo said. 
It was the CUTEST & actually brought tears to my eyes. 
Everyone was SO proud of him. 

We had a coffee before his appointment 

Hugo loves a babychino 

He's at such a good age of understanding now, he let the physios move his feet like they normally do. He done everything they asked him to do. 
Last appointment his left foot tendon was tighter than the right. His left was a 20 instead of 50 this appointment his left foot was higher again (GOOD NEWS) but his right foot is now a 20 instead of 50...... BUT they didn't seem too worried. We will just keep using his Dorsi ramp & still put his boots on.

Overall he is doing well. They had a trainee physio with them today who was lovely! 
The physio's told the trainee all about the books I'd written & then asked if I have had the chance to write any more..... No chance I said. Life is hectic. Here's the link to wear your boots Ted

We don't have to go back for 6 months! This is amazing!! - They've ordered him a new pair of ADM boots in a size 7! 

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