Back to school

I can't really get my head around just how fast the summer holidays have gone. 
I managed two or three blog posts over the past 7 weeks! 
Being a Mumma is hard work. Although I've tried my hardest to not let my blog take over family time. It's been so lovely spending precious time with my smalls. 
I didn't want the holidays to end... 
They both went back to school on Monday. E is now in year 1 & went in so happily she has a new teacher & she couldn't wait to see her friends after the holidays. 

H didn't go in to preschool very happy... Mr.H (Daddy) took the day off to take them to school & pick them up from school. That was so lovely. But I think H was a bit overwhelmed with being back at school & having Daddy with him. his teachers rang me within 20 minutes to say he had calmed down & he was playing beautifully with the magnets outside.
H starts Primary school next year. They grow up so fast. 

Hopefully now my blog will be a bit more eventful with at least a blog post a week.... I hope.! 

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