We love pigs! We also love encouraging our children to save money. 
So when Thinkmoney recently sent us a piggybank to decorate & get the children involved I thought it was perfect. 
With this competition it gives us  chance of winning £200 to help towards the children's savings. 

My top three financial tips I would like my smalls to grow up with
- Start saving money from a young age, I'd love my children to grow up with the understanding of money.
- Money doesn't grow on trees & you have to work hard to make money.
- Don't spend money you don't have. Don't get greedy. If you want that new toy save for it. 
After discussing with my two smalls what we wanted the piggy to look they they both decided on sparkle! Glitter. Glitter everywhere. 
To be part of this competition we were also sent a voucher for a local craft shop so we took a trip last weekend & stocked up with shiny paint, PVA glue & glitter. So much glitter.
Piggy looks quite bronzed goddess now. :)
Preparing the glitter. Brace myself. 
Letting my two loose with glitter will be fun. 
They loved it. We went for a hippy carefree piggy living the life of fun & the sun with big blobs of glue & colouring splats of glitter.

Golden ears!

peace, love & kind hearts. 

Spotty piggy covered in love & hugs. 

We chose blue glitter for her piggy eyes.

And E wanted her pigs toes painted. Gold.!

Finished piggy.

This is our finished pig.

We really enjoyed decorating our piggy bank. The children love arts & crafts - I surprised the whole pig didn't get covered in glitter! 

*This post is my entry to win £200 to kickstart E & H's piggy bank with thinkmoney. However, all photos and opinions remain my own*

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