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I've been reviewing this mouthwash - Dentyle Active plaque fighters for the past few weeks. 
Wow what can I say? Amazing. 
I absolutely love using mouthwash it makes my mouth & teeth feel that extra bit cleaner. We all want cleaner teeth & fresher breath right? 

Well we have eye-opening Dentyl Active survey delves straight into the dating habits of 1000 Brits.
Research commissioned by the bad breath busting, alcohol free mouthwash, Dentyl Active, has discovered that a whopping 89% of Brits surveyed worry the most about their breath before a date. 

Sadly, these fine people aren't being paranoid. Research shows that 55-65% of the adult population endures chronic bad breath and that a massive 95% of British people suffer from this unfortunate date-destroying condition at some time or another. 

Forget the flowers, chocolates and candles. dating can be a devilishly daunting process. Preparation for that long awaited date requires more than an obligatory slathering of makeup and enthusiastic spritz of fragrance.
The new Dentyl Active poll revealed that a cheeky gargle with a good bacteria-bad breath busting mouthwash is just as important as ensuring you look a saucy sight for sore eyes. 

KISS AND TELL FACT : 39% of people questioned by Dentyl Active admitted to being put off someone because of a bad-tasting kiss.

It's not you... It's the way you smell.
Harsh but true. The majority of people questioned by Dentyl Active admitted that a top turn off in a date had nothing to do with appearance, by the way they smelt. From lengthy list of 12 options, 38% chose bad breath as a top turn off in a potential partner, 
with the biggest offender being body odour (46%)

The third most cited turn off was a poor sense of humour - but let's be honest, what good is the wittiest banter when it's accompanied by a (not so hilarious) waft of halitoses? 

KISS AND TELL FACT : 50% of people questioned by Dentyl Active confessed to kissing someone they only just met at a party. Let's just hope their breath was minty fresh!

For those of us desperately seeking fabulous floppy-haired soulmate, dating is a serious business. We want to avoid anything that could thwart our chances of living happily ever after. 
So if your thinking of smoking before meeting that attractive stranger with the lusty glint in their eye, think again.
Dentyl Active's research discovered that the most off-putting bad breath smell was stale cigarette smoke - with an eye-watering 51% of people questioned in agreement. 

Lets take a quick look at the smart science behind Dentyl Active.

The Dentyl Active range of mouthwashes contain natural essential oils and Cetylpyridinium Chloride CPC. Both ingredients are proven to reduce the oral bacteria which cause bad breath, but thoroughly shaking Dentyl Active before use creates a dynamic solution which is far more powerful than the two individual parts. 

Bacteria and debris adhere to mouthwash solution and when it is rinsed out you can see the bacteria, food debris and other smelly deposits on the teeth removed and highlighted as small, brightly coloured masses in the sink. Visible proof that Dentyl Active really works.

And that's not all. Bacteria cell walls are largely made up of fatty-like substances known as lipids, and the essential oils being lipid soluble, can readily penetrate them. Once inside, they stop several of the bacteria's life sustaining properties and these actions destroy the bacteria, especially those nasties that cause bad breath. Perhaps more importantly, essential oils can act on the bacteria cell walls to enhance the uptake of the clever antiseptic agent in Dentyl Active - CPC. 

Dentyl Active leaves teeth and gums protected for up to 18 hours - so your breath is blissfully fresh.

Lets get up close & personal :

- Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter : available in smooth mint and fresh clove flavours. Dentyl Active Plaque fighter contains two antibacterial agents - CPC and peppermint oil. These antibacterial ingredients help destroy bacteria, especially plaque-forming bacteria and provide long lasting fresh breath. Contains 0.05% fluoride.

- Dentyl Active Complete care : available in Icy Fresh Mint and Icy Fresh Cherry flavours. Dentyl active complete care works in six active ways, leaving users with a 'professional clean' feeling and fresh breath for up to 18 hours.

- Dentyl Active Enamel Restore : available in Icy Fresh Mint. Dental Active Enamel Restore contains double the fluoride level of the rest of the Dentyl Active range (within recommendations) 450ppm. This, along with its exhilarating flavour, means that Dentyl Active Enamel Restore will

  • Help strengthen tooth enamel by replacing lost minerals 
  • Help protect against acid erosion 
  • Help tooth enamel become more resistant to acid attack. 

Disclaimer - I was sent this product for the review. However all thought & opinions are my own.

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