E's got new glasses Sept '15

Last week E has her eyes tested she has them tested every 6 or so months. The last few times her eyes have unfortunately gotten worse this past eye test again her eyes have changed for the worse. 
I was originally told by the time she's 10 years old or so that she wouldn't need glasses however I'm not sure just how true that is now. 
Though I love E wearing glasses I think they look wonderful on her & she really suits them. 
It is or can be annoying & an expense if she will need them forever. I suppose we will see how she goes. What will be will be. 
We decided to pick these glasses from the independent opticians which is a 50 minute drive away as she loved them. E needs to like her glasses you know she's the one wearing them everyday all day.

They're so lovely though dark purple front, purple camouflage effect sides & light purple at the back. 

We love them.

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