FLEXA introduces FLEXA Cabby a new innovative children’s storage

FLEXA introduces FLEXA Cabby a new innovative children’s storage
At FLEXA we believe the children’s furniture should last a lifetime. Our new storage system FLEXA Cabby is designed with the growing child in mind and developed to meet children’s needs at different ages. FLEXA Cabby is designed in collaboration with Danish furniture designer Morten Georgsen.
Storage that grows with your child
Through in-depth research with Morten Georgsen, talks with parents, children and day care centres, we discovered how best to produce a functional and tidy children’s room with clever solutions to meet the needs of both child and parent. A small child cannot reach as high as a teenager, and our new storage is developed to meet children’s needs at different ages.

Timeless design with endless possibilities
FLEXA Cabby is a modular storage system made of high-quality MDF with smooth rounded corners and soft close on all items. Many units have the same depth and width so they are easy to stack, and you can build sideways and upwards. With its modern, timeless design and great functionality, FLEXA Cabby is modular and made to meet the needs of toddlers, teens and even adults. This solution is built to last.

Learn more about FLEXA Cabby online and see the full assortment at www.flexaworld.com

FLEXA Cabby will be available in all FLEXA brand stores around Europe.

FLEXA has been in the forefront of children's furniture design for more than 40 years. All our products are developed with the same Scandinavian design philosophy - continued focus on function and aesthetics.

We feature a large selection of products to include beds with slides, high beds, pull-out beds, study desks, smart storage and smaller playful furniture into a wide range of fun, child-friendly textiles that encourages play and creativity. With the FLEXA system you can continually expand the child’s room and dress it to suit your child’s age, gender and personality and create an excellent environment for your child throughout childhood – from baby to teenager.

FLEXA collaborates with child specialists, educators and sleep experts to ensure our products meet a child’s needs at every stage of their development. Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures our products reflect the latest knowledge about children and their needs for play, learning and sleep. Read more about FLEXA on www.flexaworld.com

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