Nostalgia FM - Driving songs

This morning I was told about this fabulous new little tool that Co-Op Insurance has just launched. This allows you to re-live your first driving experiences. All you need to do is enter the month & year you passed your driving test, and Nostalgia FM creates personalised 10 song Spotify playlist made up of songs that were number 1 at the time. 

I had Timberland - The way I are & Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls going back to 2007!

Do you remember the excitement of jumping into your car the first few weeks once you had just passed your test? Listening to your favourite radio station. Certain songs will make you re live those precious first driving days no doubt you had a car full of friends & probably driving just for the fun of it. 

I had my dad over today & we put the date he passed his test & then listened to them he knew every name to every song. It was brilliant. 

To reminisce back to those care free days. Of cheaper fuel prices too! 

Try it out here and reminisce:

Do let me know your thoughts? It’s a fab tool to share and get re-living those memories. 

We’re talking about it on Twitter with #NostalgiaFM 

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