Our weekend away in Birmingham to see Michael McIntyre

Can't believe it was a week a go we went away for the weekend.

I've got to admit with my children barely ever sleeping more than a few hours, child free weekends away are perfect to try keeping us sane. Also Wife & Husband time is so precious it's good to remember why we are together & enjoy meals together in restaurants without screaming at children. 
It was some time last year Mr.H actually booked Michael McIntyre & surprised me with the tickets. 
Our children had the weekend with their Nanna & Aunties they went to Butlins & although I'm sure the adults are exhausted as I know my smalls are; It's easy to see they all had a fantastic time. 
E has announced that she wants to live in Butlins forever.  Pretty sure she loved it then! 
Michael McIntyre was amazing. It was an hour and a half but felt like just 10 minutes, it flew by & I couldn't stop laughing. 
It was quite a late night though luckily we had booked into a local travel lodge. 
We had to do a drive thru Mc Donalds at 11pm as we were so hungry! 

Sunday we drove home, Starbucks to accompany us.

was good to get back to my puppy (she had stayed with my sister) 
The children got home later that evening & had the most amazing time. 

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