17 week Midwife appointment

Today was my (16 week midwife appointment) - though I'm now over 17 weeks as I wrote here;
I took H with me he was super excited to hear the heartbeat from baby. 
E wanted me to record it for her to listen to it too... so I shortened the video & posted it below. 
Baby's heartbeat was 150BPM 

 I'm measuring perfectly for just over 17 weeks ... even though everyone seems to think I'm massive! (Thanks for that) - Baby number three & tummy muscles aren't the same.....
Everything is great Midwife very happy & I'll see her again when I'm 24 weeks. 
Time seems to be flying!. 
Baby has been kicking so much I love it. Sometimes it makes me jump though. 
H & I then went to our local Toddler group then home for cuddles & Harry Potter (The boy is obsessed)

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