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Let me start by saying; If you're a new reader to my blog I haven't blogged much about H & his Talipes well because he has been fabulous. He puts them on happily & will wear them all night without a fuss. 
For the past few days we've had battles with the boots and bar but nothing prepared me for last night. 
Now he's not poorly & he had a lovely day with his Daddy & Sister as I was out at the Country Living Christmas Fair.
He has the odd "I don't want to wear my boots tonight" but usually he is quick to get over it & he will allow me to put them on for him.
Last night It took Mr.H & I to hold him still just to try to get his boots on. With this I was struggling to keep him calm. Nothing was working I tried cuddling him & reassuring him that his boots are needed. It took 20 minutes to just get his boots on.
He was a mess. A tired mess. 
Kicking his feet all over the place I was scared he was going to put a whole In the wall. 
Over 40 minutes later I was still trying my best to console him, 
On the plus side he was keeping his boots on...In the past he would of just whipped them off.
All he kept saying was "Mummmmmaaa please take my boots off, Mummmmmaaa my feet hurt."
I feel like I done everything to try to calm him down. Then we sat talking for a bit & in-between him crying he said "Mummy why did God make me needing to wear boots and bar? Why did he give me curly feet.?" OH MY GOODNESS I had no words. I just gave him a huge cuddle.
I had to leave his room for a few minutes I couldn't cry in front of him, my poor little poppet. 
Eventually after an hour & 40 minutes he calmed down & he slept all night. 
I think they're a bit snug & perhaps he needs bigger boots now. If we have another bad night I'll call him physio & see if we can move his appointment from December to now. 

I hate seeing him like this. 

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