Bump Monday | 18 weeks Pregnant |

|| 18 weeks today! ||

How am I feeling?

Today; exhausted. Like I could sleep for days... Luckily the smalls are at school, I'm trying to relax. (Thank goodness for my slow cooker) 
Woke up & vomited! Great start to my Monday morning. 
The smalls are sleeping in their own beds (Amazing) However E was up for hours last night with a bad dream... poor thing. 
When the smalls do sleep I'm up needing to pee! *Lose lose situation really.
Have lots of appointments this week that isn't helping my anxiety. 
Looking forwards to the weekend as seeing Friends for brunch in Reigate & then off to the Country Living Christmas fair. VERY excited about Christmas. 
Living in leggings & Mr.H's over sized jumpers.

Heartburn has calmed down this week. 
Gaviscon is on stand by.

SPD has calmed down too! 

Baby is the size of a Dragon Fruit.

BLT Sandwiches.  
Skittles, Chocolate & Cake...
Crisps *help me stop feeling sick....

On a positive :
Baby has been super active. It's wonderful to feel it kick & swim around.
Mr.H has been feeling it kick quite a lot too... Baby seems to wake up around bedtime (of course.)

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