Bump Monday | 20 weeks Pregnant |

|| 20 weeks today! ||
Half way through!! 
Time needs to slow down a bit, I suppose now I'm running around after two smalls & the puppy I barely get a moment to think about time. 

How am I feeling?

I'm feeling ok. I'm feeling good, I'm tired but when am I not? 
I'm waking at about 2am each night & then struggling to get back to sleep.... 
I'm wondering if it's my nerves worrying about the scan coming up this week, rather than anything else. 
Excited that next weekend we will start baby shopping. I know I know I haven't bought a thing yet really apart from a few bits of unisex clothes. 
I just can't bring myself to buy anything until we know 100% that baby is OK.

We are both still unsure if we will find out the sex.... If I was to guess I'd say boy. My bump is lower just like H's bump I'm already struggling to put my shoes on. Very similar cravings to H's pregnancy still enjoying coffee & skittles. 

E & H both want to know the sex.... E says 
" as long as baby is healthy and..... a GIRL! thats all that matters...." Oh to be a six year old again with their simplicity. 
H would adore a brother & he's said we will call the baby "Buzz like Buzz lightyear".... 

SPD is painful this week 

Mr.H's jumpers are the best <3 nbsp="" p="">

Baby is the size of a small Banana 

Skittles. Yum
Olives. Amazing.
Pitta & houmous....

On a positive :
I'm now half way through my pregnancy. 
Scan this week *fingers crossed baby is OK. 

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