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The lovely Lana Mayes recently contacted me asking if she could send me a copy of her book 'Trust your Melody' obviously I said yes; you see 'Trust your melody' book is about taking your parenting mask off & opening up your eyes that the problems you have faced as a parent; you suddenly realise you're not alone...
Lana Mayes Trust your Melody

After reading just the first chapter I found myself thinking back to our scan with H & that everything Lana had written I had also felt exactly the same.
Typically I had decided to bring the book to one of my hospital appointments with baby number three (we don't know yet whether this baby will have curly feet like H or not)
The raw feelings that I suppose a lot of people feel when you've just being told that your unborn child has any birth deformity (even though I know it's treatable) I couldn't help feeling sad & lots just like I had over 4 years ago.

We find out in two weeks whether baby no.3 will have Talipes I'm keeping open minded. So what if he or she has... I've faced the past four years with it & yes although we have battled & I felt like giving up I carried on. You've got to? I wouldn't be upset or sad if I had another talipes baby. I've grown so much & experienced life I never knew about. I've open myself up to be stronger than I ever felt possible.

"Message from my melody >> Allowing myself permission to grieve gives me calmness and peace of mind."

This above sentence from Lana's book is how I felt. To grieve the baby I thought I deserved. To grieve the baby I didn't have. To grieve the baby I couldn't cuddle tight at night without bruising my limbs or worrying about hurting the baby due to casts or boots and bar. To grieve the baby I did not have.
The reason I started my blog, It helped me grieve. It gave me permission to feel calmness and peace & allowed me to find other mothers & fathers feeling the same. This took the guilt away, that in fact it was OK to grieve. It was OK to feel sad. It was OK to cry. Everything was OK.

Lana's book goes on to cover her life & feelings the struggle with reflux (Silent reflux) & talipes.
This book is a deep authentic account of Lana's parenting experience.

You will learn that :

> You can acknowledge your own parenting journey, and turn up the volume on your inner melody.
> You'll feel connected to another parent and breathe a sigh of relief that someone else can relate.
> You'll learn solutions and steps to take you away from confusing, through calm, to clarity.

She strips back the layers from her mask. She wore the mask to disguise her struggles. (this is something I do often) This book has allowed me to remove my mask & open up about my true feelings. Lana reveals the truth behind her introduction to parenting. She candidly discusses birth deformity, reflux, a high risk excruciatingly painful pregnancy and the many physical and emotional challenges she overcame.
Lana Mayes Trust your Melody
Choose to be empowered, as you follow her journey from the inner depths of despair, to the incredible opportunities that opened up when she listened to her inner melody and then took control of her own life.

I absolutely love this book & would recommend it to any parent really; we all face struggles, we all wear a mask.
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Disclaimer - I was sent this product for the review. However all thought & opinions are my own.

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