Bump Monday | 27 weeks Pregnant |

|| 27 Weeks today ||
This is my last week of my second trimester! Where is the time going? 

How am I feeling?
This week has been crazy busy with H's Birthday & lack of sleep. Damn pregnancy insomnia is at its worst. Oh god I had totally forgotten about being fully wide awake for hours upon hours at night night, my cravings for food kick in at full force too!... last night I laid there dreaming of carbonara tagliatelle. Crazy crazy cravings. Last week I was craving a sandwich & I couldn't get back to sleep till I had eaten said sandwich. 
I spent all day Saturday curled up in bed with the worst migraine so Sunday was spent relaxing trying to recuperate & get some energy back. 
Heart burn is awful!!...Especially at night time...

SPD is hit & miss some days better than others. 
I've been taking it easy so my SPD has been better...

It's been freezing this week... 

Baby is as heavy as a head of cauliflower at 27 weeks 

Haribo sweets !
Carbonara tagliatelle
Fresh bread & cheese. 

On a positive :
Closing in on the second trimester. I can start packing hospital bags & getting the crib set up within the next few weeks. :) 

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