H is F O U R !

I can't quite get my head around the fact that my boy is four. 
I blogged about H turning FOUR here.

Every year I take a photo of my smalls the night before their birthdays. 
This is H turning 1, turning 2, turning 3 & now turning 4. 

Ready for the Birthday Boy. 
Happy H with his balloons & presents 

Opening his presents

Birthday pancakes

We spent the morning at our local Farm just the two of us it was lovely. 

H enjoying the climbing wall.

The merry go round. 

Having a blast.
After the farm we went home for lunch, made star wars cakes & H had a power nap for half an hour. 
Then we collected E from school & took them to our local swimming pool. 
After that we went out for Dinner. 
H said it was the besets Birthday ever. 

Next year we will have another baby in the family to join in our fun with. 
How exciting. 

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