To my darling boy, you turn four tomorrow.

I call you my little man, my super super super hero. I aspire to you. My heart breaks every moment you fight your boots and bar. The tears & the screams with the "Mummy my boots are hurting me"
We definitely haven't had an easy four years. More like the biggest rollercoaster of my life. 
But my darling boy, you've done so well, you're doing amazingly. You've come so far.
You're growing into a little grown up. You have your own mind & you aren't afraid to use it.
Your strong willed nature will get you far in life. I just know it.
You make me so proud every day & every night, even the nights that don't go to plan. The nights you scream for hours on end because all you want is for "mummy please take the pain away" The boots are here to help you & I know you know that but I also know you can't help feeling the pain.
You're four tomorrow. FOUR. You will start big school this September & you can't wait to join your big sister at her big school. You're growing taller and taller and your intelligence astounds me.
Your knowledge about cars is amazing. Especially sports cars. I know I know you need a Porsche in your life... don't we all?

This year you're going to be a Big Brother. Your little sister will be born in just a matter of months & I know how excited you are.

Where has the past year gone? It only feels like yesterday I was sat on my sofa typing up you turning three.... Now I'm here typing this. I can't wait to see your face in the morning. Waking up to see your helium balloons & presents. 
I can't wait to spend the day with you 

My darling boy. You turn four tomorrow. 

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