Coco my Cavapoo dog has luxating patellas - Heart broken

Coco is my fur baby. All non animal lovers might as well just top reading now, I doubt you'll understand why I am as upset as I well and truly am. 
I had the dreaded phone call  from my groomer on Thursday; now Coco is a pampered pooch & she goes to the groomers fortnightly to have a bath, groom and a slight trim to keep her curly hair from matting. It's a small price to pay to keep her looking beautiful in my eyes. 
The groomer sounded panicked so I panicked, she asked if I had noticed anything about Coco's knees recently? No I hadn't I walk her three times a day & she is a happy & healthy 18 month old puppy. 
The groomer had noticed her left knee kept dislocating but it was popping back into place easily, Coco was showing no signs of pain either. 
I went to collect her straight away & the groomer showed me her knee & what to look out for. 
I got Coco in the car & just burst into tears. I started to drive home but pulled into the first lay-by I could see, then phoned our vets up as the pain & agony of the unknown was ripping me apart. 
The receptionist was lovely & managed to fit us in the following day. 
The next day dragged till 3pm & it was time to visit the vets, annoyingly I had to take H with me we then had to wait over an hour to be seen & H was losing patience. Coco was very well behaved. I felt sick with anxiety & was in complete panic. 

The vet was lovely & really good with Coco she explained that yes Coco has both knees with luxating patellas she graded them a 1 (thank goodness) they grade them between a 1 - 4 & 4 being the worse.... Other names of the condition are trick kneesubluxation of patellafloating patella, or floating kneecap this is a condition in which the patella, or kneecap, dislocates or moves out of its normal location.
I thought that would be it, she has a knee condition but it's manageable. Then she talked about physio & hydrotherapy for Coco, obviously being 31 weeks pregnant myself we haven't got much time. So Coco has her first doggy physio appointment this Wednesday. 

I have no idea if Coco will need her knees operated on in the future or what... I have no idea how long she will need physio for. 
I feel numb with stress. Stress that my fur baby has these problems, stress that she will need lots of extra vet appointments, stress that this could be a life long problem. 
Stress that the timing couldn't physically be any worse than it is. 
Stress of the unknown.
Stress that I've got such shitty pet insurance *accidentally* that will barely cover any treatment. 
Stress that I'm due my third baby in a matter of weeks & my own health isn't great. 
I've spent the last three days just bursting into tears. I love my dog so much.

The vet also described her knees & paws as disabled of course with my own son having Talipes I feel strongly about this & this broke my heart even more. 

The positives are that Coco isn't in any pain at the moment & I'm really hoping that Physio massage & hydrotherapy will help her a lot. I'm happy to try anything. Just wish the timing was better 

It's the whole unknown thing thats worrying me the most too. I just don't understand it enough to know what her quality of life will be like. 

Coco & bump 

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