Hello Pregnancy Insomnia...Help I can't sleep.

Currently - Sat on the sofa scoffing a cheese & ham sandwich.... Why? Because it's 01:35am & I've been awake the past hour and a half. Laying in bed, moving from my right to my left side. Getting up to pee over three times tonight already. Also I appear to be hungry. 
Also craving squash. Like mouth watering needing squash craving. 
I'm 31 weeks pregnant on Monday, I am exhausted. SO WHY CAN'T I SLEEP?
I had put my insomnia down to caffeine late in the day however this week I've cut caffeine out after 10am. I have had one hellish week that I will explain further in my blog about but It's all a bit too fresh to talk about just yet. *Baby & myself are ok* It's to do with my fur baby. 
So tonight I woke up needing to pee then my eyes just went *ping* you're awake now. 
You know tomorrow I'm going to just feel even more exhausted though don't you? 
Urgh third trimester pregnancy insomnia how I had totally forgotten all about you. 
If I had stayed in bed I would of craved my ham & cheese sandwich although I'm totally craving Philadelphia garlic & herb with cucumbers & we have none. *Sad face*
It was much better to make a sandwich & sit up for an hour or so - Hey I do get to catch up on Stella whilst the household sleep. Silver lining to every cloud & all that jazz. 
This is when people will start saying "now you really must nap in the day....." like hell I've got a chance of that happening. 
I'll just suck it up & carry on, that's what us mums do isn't it?
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