My Surprise Baby Shower

Yesterday I was under the impression I was meeting two lovely friends for afternoon tea & a local golf club... little did I know the girls in my life had been organising a wonderful Baby Shower for me & bump. 

This was a bump photo of me before I knew anything about the baby shower.
I had to collect my friend from the train station...or so I thought she'd actually been shopping in town all morning & I had no idea. 
Once we arrived at the gold club my other friend met us in the car park & I had absolutely no idea anything was going on apart from the three of us having afternoon tea. 
The waitress open the door to this room & I saw my friend who lives literally hours away; I was so taken back & confused I just burst into tears... happy tears of course. 
I couldn't even talk, I was just shocked. 

This may be baby number three... though I've never experienced a baby shower especially a surprise baby shower. 
After the initial shock & I had calmed down I managed to say thank you to all the girls & express how they're all bloody good liars. 
My Mumma was even there I had no idea!! 

Bump enjoyed the food & drinks. 

The girls had put in so much effort it was all so beautiful.

Girl photo outside - the sun was shining. 

Outside of the golf club 

Once I got back home I was so exhausted. 
I had such a wonderful day. 
Surrounded by the bestest of friends. 
I put myself to bed, E & H wanted to snoop through all the baby's presents so sweet. 

36 weeks today Bump Monday blog to follow. 

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