Little Bump Shop - Unique baby gifts. Brand Rep

Little Bump Shop - This is Baby's First Blooms

Little bump shop is the cutest way to gift your friends or family who have just had new beautiful bundles. 
Instead of sending a bunch of flowers why not send the Welcome Neutral Bouquet for just £35.99 it's very reasonable & so similar to the price of a real bouquet of flowers. 

Nelly wearing Little bump shop vest & socks
Nelly was picked as Little Bump Shop's brand rep this summer & my goodness are we enjoying it. 

You can find Little Bump Shop on Instagram HERE

Here's a few more pictures I've shared over social media.

A kiss from a rose Pink.

I love how unique Little Bump shop is & recommend them to everyone. 
It's definitely something to make you smile especially if you've just had a squidgy newborn baby. 

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