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The Venus 3 Palette Revealed by Lime Crime 

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of it, and Lime Crime has finally done it with their new palette. As fans have been expecting, the Venus 3 has finally been released to the public. In general, the Venus palette series has been wildly popular and captured the hearts of every fan around. You have a wide range of unexpected colors. For example, the gigantic Venus XL costs $56, and it has especially become a treat with the 18 pans. That's unusually welcome compared to normally getting just eight. With the Venus 3, the company has returned to the eight pans, but fans are going wild over the color scheme. 

Mysterious Packaging 

Originally, the brand teased a mysterious plastic packaging, which is something new that they said would be coming April 24th. It's what the brand wrote on their Instagram account. Next, Lime Crime posted this image of the entire package, but they dropped it with a darkened silhouette. You can now get a real peek of this palette. 

The Return of Old Favourites 

A welcome return of the signature muse from Botticelli's Birth of Venus painting has returned in the latest package. It gets delivered with some of the rosiest and loveliest pigments imaginable. You have a full stream of some of the most anticipated eyeshadows which will all make their debut with the Venus 3. For example, pink lovers will find this as the product for them because the company has made good on their promises to keep away from the one-note neutrals. This spring will deliver some astounding color. 

The shades you will see include: 
* Dreamy 
* Beam 
* Heavenly 
* Rapture 
* Bliss 
* Paradise 
* Ecstacy 
* Beloved 

The palette pricing has had no official word, but rumor has it the price will be the same as the Venus 1 and the Venus 2 palettes, which was $38. For anyone looking to throw a pink party, it doesn't get much better than the products from this company. Whether you're going for the nu-grunge look or you want a soft and painterly finish, you can do it with this company. There's nothing quite like the fun of trying to guess when it might release. 

A Previous Legend 

This company was previously a legend with its eyeshadow palettes. Everything has been a hit, and it remains both a versatile and a vibrant formula that looks super silky. The company continues to spoil its fans with awesome new releases this year that have seen a wild approval. 
Lime Crime has always remained ahead of the makeup trends, and their selection remains some of the most unique and colorfully diverse on the market today. The pink colors look great in performance. Whether you want a taupe look, pink look or a violet look, you have everything available that will allow for you to do it. This brand has always been popular because of how it brings something new to the table.

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