If you are an avid Reader about Hugo's Journey I'll keep all of his Talipes Blog posts on here-
Remember I have the Happy Feet Talipes Support Page 

My First ever Talipes Blog
A Mother's Guilt
Just how far I've come

6 weeks count down boots and bar

In the eyes of the beholder
Welcome to Holland
Yes his views have been compared to Nazis
Hugo's progress in Photos


It's not just my baby!
Please don't feel sorry for US!
Hugo in his boots & bars the Truth
I'm finally happy

     I feel such a fraud
The truth behind the smile

Yes my child is different :

9 months on - My thoughts about Talipes




Fed Up -

YAY New boots!

Eye opening - Talipes meet


Baby feet a year on... Bilateral Talipes

Hugo is 1 years old

Hugo's feet are OVER CORRECTED

A day in a life of a Talipes baby

Terminate your pregnancy due to Talipes 

Toddler with Talipes

Traveling abroad with a Talipes baby

First Shoes & a few unaided steps

Physio tomorrow nerves are kicking in !

Hugo's feet are still OVER CORRECTED!

My Happy feet boy & his Monster bar bumper

16 months on - he's still not walking
Hugo walked ! He just got up & walked!!

Best Talipes Buggy=
World Club foot day *Never been seen before photos

a broken boot !

Houdini Hugo strikes again



Good news Check up 19 months old

Keep calm & WALK for STEPS

"Boots, Bar Off Mummy"
How to explain to Hugo that he needs his boots

Mummy on a mission

Sisters, Puppets, + Ideas how to get Hugo to wear his Boots!!

Talipes talk from a 3 year old...
New Bar Bumper Tractors !
Talipes you can't break me

You would think he would be used to them by now?



Boots and bar off mummy

Hugo escaped the cot !


Perfect leg warmers for boots and bar babies
Talipes Toddler sleeping issues


**Giveaway** Wear your boots ted book
Positive news Hugo check up 22months old

Guest blog Alex's Story

He Hid his boots and bar ! January 2014

Zac Guest blog talipes



A few of my Favourite Talipes Blogs -
DillyBug - Blogspot

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