Hugos Progress In Photos

Hugo's Feet Before any Casts


Hugo at 5 days old with his first set of Casts on 12/01/12
Feet already looking great after 1 week in casts. 19/01/12
Second set of casts being put on. 19/01/12

Ready to go home both casts on 19/01/12

Third set of Casts on 26/01/12

Hugo's feet after 3 weeks in Casts 02/02/12

after 4 weeks of casts this is the finished product 09/02/12

Just had his BnB put on for the first time 09/02/12

Fed & Happy in his BnB 09/02/12
after 6 weeks in his BnB hes back at the physio to get new boots on.


  1. Such a beautiful brave boy x

  2. Absolutely wonderful to see this Becky. How you and Mic, and of course Emilyn and the rest of your family got through this is amazing. Hugo is absolutely beautiful, and what lovely feet :)
    Love to you all xxx

  3. He has already comes so far. He is so gorgeos Becky. You really must be very proud xxx



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