Its not just my Baby...

Talipes Love Support Happy Feet 

How Happy was i that i found this amazing Baby Group that was made for Mums with children with Talipes.
Its not just my Baby! there are others out there!! 
 These ladies are my Rock. They've been where I am today. They've suffered the heart ache of the "unknown" if you like. The Shock of finding out at the 20 week scan or in some occasions the bigger shock of their Beautiful Baby being Born with Talipes & they had no idea about it.
For me its so emotional to read these very personal experiences of these Lady's.
As i can Relate to so much. We also didn't tell any one except close friends & family until very recently i bit the bullet & put a photo of him in his casts & then a photo of his Boots & Bars, I had the usual "oh whats happened to his feet" (with the cast photo) &"is he ok?" i felt like I was explaining myself over & over again.
I was Terrified of people treating him different looking at him as a deformed baby. i still haven't shown many people his before feet until i started this blog. I loved his feet. I don't give two stuffs what the arrogant idiots think all i have to say to the people who are rude or make sick comments is this could happen to your child.
at my 20 week scan everyone was so hooked on the "pink or blue" "brother or sister for Emilyn " I think I was asked only once or twice if everything was actually ok with my baby... I as others have said was so excited to find out myself I told the whole of Facebook & then had no idea what to say when we found out all the possible problems he had. I left my Facebook friends with no idea what was happening all day, texts after texts people writing on my wall asking what i was having. By the end of the day I decided to just put a status up saying... "We are having a boy" I was Numb with the unknown i cried & cried whilst writing it watching everyone congratulate me & telling me how perfect it is having 1 of each & how "Good looking" he will be.
All I wanted to do is go to bed Curl up in a ball & wish all the pain away. But For Emlyn's sake normality had to continue.
The Talipes Support group was & still in fabulous at reassuring me everything will be ok.
All the questions running around my head Can he fit in a moses basket with his BnB on will he fit in his maxi cosi car seat the types of clothes he will be able to wear.
All the questions where answered by people who knew what to expect people who had been in my shoes!

The Most important thing that comes across is that having Talipes is not the end of a Perfect baby it just adds to their Perfection. its not the end of the world. we all cope. we all get through the hard times & come out so much stronger people.

These Mums have kindly shared their own personal experiences with talipes with us.

Mummy 1:
-I had not heard the word Talipes before, but I knew about clubfoot: ie that it existed (I had never seen one and knew next to nothing about it).
- It was not picked up on the 20 week scan so was a bit of a shock when he was born.
-My first reaction was shock mostly. I didn't want to think about it or look at his legs for ages, then I couldn't stop. I knew it was fixable but assumed it would be an operation or something that I did not have to worry about for a while. It didn't help that the hospital where he was born didn't know about it either and sent us from physio pillar to physio post until we finally found a ponseti specialist. When she told me what was involved in treatment it properly hit me then and I sobbed for ages.
-The First few Months is distant past now as he's 2years.6months old. The worst bit was definitely the first plaster and first week in BnB. Everything else has been surprisingly easy and I'm thrilled to say that his feet look gorgeous. 
It's a week or two of misery for a lifetime of normality for Felix-- if I'd known that at his birth I'd have been much happier!

Mummy 2: 

-We knew of Talipes, but only knew it as club foot, I never knew its proper name. I am from South Africa, and there is a beggar who would beg on a street corner not far from where I lived. He was a teenager and had bilateral talipes that was never corrected. He walked with crutches. It was so sad to see and knowing what I know now about how correctable it is, just makes it an even sadder situation.

-We found out at the 20 week scan. We went in so excited and came out desperately trying not to cry. We were in shock.
-Our first reaction was Shock - I couldn't believe what the sonographer was saying. When she said he would have to wear a brace I pictured him in something like in Forrest Gump.  I thought he would be disabled (the sonographer knew very little about talipes). I was devastated
-There have been some really hard times like when he went into his BnB. I felt desperate, I wanted to make everything better for him, but I had to be cruel to be kind, as they say. Now my little monkey is almost 10 months old and is cruising the furniture, trying to stand on his own and is such a confident little boy. Nothing will hold him back. Seeing him growing up big and strong, and hitting milestones before other babies his age just makes me so proud of him. I would do it all over again happily if I needed to.

Mummy 3: 
We found out at 20 week scan and I was devastated ! We were so looking forward to finding out whether our baby was pink or blue and it never entered my mind that something was " wrong" the first thing that I felt was " it's my fault" I must have done something wrong in my pregnancy for this to have happened straight away I started to google it and that was the worst thing I did, and then I came across a pic of boots and bars and I thought great ! Now my baby is going to have to wear " special shoes" I was so upset as selfish as it sounds I didn't want my baby to be seen as different , I found the rest of my pregnancy so hard literally every night looking in the Internet at statistics , treatment, long term prognosis literally torturing my self Liam on the other hand never wanted to talk about it he always said it's my son and I love him whatever he is very much I'll deal with it when it happens kind of person where as I'm a huge worrier. Then once Max was born I never thought about his foot I was just happy my beautiful boy was here his first hospital appointment for his first cast I was so emotional I just kept thinking why me why my baby I just wanted to take my baby home but instead we faced weekly hospital visits not to mention the hospital was a 3 hr round trip to London , but max has taken everything in his stride, he has his grumpy days but who's to say he wouldn't even if he didn't have the treatment, i wouldn't have my baby boy any other way it's all what makes him Max and we are very proud of our little boy

 Mummy 4:

I had Never heard of talipes....ever! I had heard of club foot but it wasn't what I thought 

We found out at our 20wk scan I was completely and utterly heartbroken. Then when they said about chances of being linked to a disability made the situation a million times worse and the feet didn't become the main issue at that point but I asked for growth scans (refused amnio) which I had every 4wks, it put my mind at ease and I really did enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. I was emotional around 2wks before Grace was due and would think what If it's more than talipes etc but she was Perfect and my baby girl! I did keep it a secret from people and still to this day only family and close close friends no.

She is 15month now and been down to nights in BnB since 4.5mnth old she took it all in her stride and doesn't bother at all now when the boots go on its routine! 

Thank you to all Ladies who took the time to help me spread the word & explain to other people. its so refreshing to see other peoples points of view. also made me cry in parts. its all still so fresh in my mind. 


  1. What a fascinating post. To be honest and I don't mean to appear ignorant here, when I saw the photos of your little boy I thought he'd broken his foot or something like that. I've never head of "tailpipes" before but this group sounds like an amazing support network and a great way to meet friends and bounce all the ideas and questions off each other that other mums like you must have. I love your bit about perfection in the blog post - it made me smile and you sound like a lovely, wonderful amazing mother.

  2. thank you so much. i completely understand on the "outside world" its hard to know what has happened to a baby wearing casts. I love explaining Talipes to people & for them to understand it more. I too would of thought the same a year or so agobefore i knew about Talipes this is also a rather new method to correct the feet (a whole other blog that ive started will explain more so)
    thank you for taking the time to read it :)



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