My Designer babies & I...

Our Family all in Ralph Lauren

Emilyn & Hugo in Ralph Lauren

Emilyn & Hugo In their matching D&G
Now this is a question I ask myself.
Why do people feel the need to moan or Judge people who like their children in Designer clothes. I'm not talking about Next or Marks & Spencer's nor Monsoon (although monsoon can be expensive & I love all their stuff) but Ralph Lauren, Chloe, Christian Dior, DKNY, Juicy Couture, Ted Baker, D&G ect...
Now surely this is my Husbands & my decision a decision we both agree on & the way we live our daily life.
We don't blow the bank buying these types of clothes we go to outlets, sale sites Brandalley for example, TK MAXX can be fab a pair of Dior trousers for a Fiver in their Clearance sale. Ralph Lauren polos for £3.99 in the Ralph Lauren store in the Bicester Village. We also grabbed a fantastic bargain on a New Ralph Lauren snow suit for £9 at the NCT Nearly New Sale its RRP was over £100! I love a bargain & so when i see one i cant resist! So what am I doing that is so over the top. Majority of my children's designer clothes are cheaper than Full Price NEXT clothes. I don't waste money just buying them these designer clothes nor do I feel I'm any better than other mums that chose to dress there children in high street stores. As my children also have lots of NEXT, Monsoon, Debenhams, Tesco & H&M clothing in their wardrobes.
This is the way hubby & I dress so why would my children be any different?

In the winter Emilyn wears real UGG boots, she's on her 3rd pair. At the age of 2years 6 months. Why you ask? Well I want her feet to be comfy & warm in the cold weather I am also a little obsessed with UGGS I myself have 5 pairs 1 pair being the limited Jimmy Choo ones as my 21st birthday Present from Mic.
People just presume I'm mad for letting Emilyn go to the park all fitted out in her Chloe outfit & UGGS! We got her UGG boots from BrandAlley half price! Clarkes winter boots would of been the same price so either way I would of spent the money.

As for Hugo I've spent very little on his No added Sugar Rompers a few pounds of eBay. With the odd exception of a beautiful more expensive romper here & there.I have Recently Ordered a beautiful organic one from Kyna Boutique His wardrobe is limited already so I want him to be as trendy as possible in his little Rompers.
He's also got lots of Ralph Lauren Polos packed away for when he's a few months older less than £10 each again I couldn't resist.

Emilyn was Fortunate enough to get a Casting with Monsoon & got the job for their Autumn/Winter clothing Range. They pay their child Models with Monsoon Vouchers of which she got spoilt with the amount she received, & only just used the last few pounds up on some beautiful sale outfits.
Emilyn head-toe in Chloe whole outfit for under £30.
Emilyn in her bargain Ralph Lauren from Bicester.

OK so Before i carry on writing my blog & you reading anymore I have a Confession to Make. I  have a slight Buggy obsession. some may call it a Addiction, Bugaboo is particular, in fact i don't really like any other buggy. I May even come across as a Buggy Snob!... although i wouldn't admit to it.
I have owned 8 Buggies in total 4 of them being Bugaboos & the best I've ever owned. The others really are not even worth me mentioning.
Bugaboo is the most amazing & fantastic Pushchair I have ever owned. you can take it all over the World & most importantly take it on the Beach Sand or Stone, Snow, Offroad grass, mud, you name it Bugaboo does it.
My obsession reaches as far as wanting the Black chassis Cameleon with the Off White Fabric, The Black chassis Bee with the Missoni Fabric & of course the Bugaboo Donkey But my Funds just wont let me stretch this far.
So for my Double Buggy for my babies i had to Settle with the Britax B-Dual buggy in Atol Blue & infact its a reasonable Buggy the only downside is it isn't a Bugaboo!

So we are now getting Closer to me explaining this Beautiful Buggy below. this is the Bas Kosters Limited Edition Bugaboo only 1000 where made. I wont tell you how much we paid i will leave that to your imagination. Or if like me you go to Bugaboo Anonymous you will clearly know the cost of these.
My Taste of things is so much like Marmite.
Either way this is my life & your Opinion is your personal view.

in Trafford centre car park I'm 16 weeks pregnant with Hugo Emilyn is in the Buggy in her DKNY Orange dress.

This is a peak into the way I live my life. Some would call it extravagant I just call it me.

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