Please do not feel sorry for me or my Son!

I've just got home after a wonderful day out with some lovely girls & their Children. We spent the day in a Wacky Warehouse, Hugo slept a lot of the time, when he was awake he was being passed around the broody mummies being cooed over. I was being dragged around Wacky Warehouse by Emilyn "come on mummy this way mummy that slide mummy, this ball pit" Hugo was in very safe hands with my friends but I kept an eye on him.
Escaped from the ball pit when I could to have a drink & a sit down but as I wasn't holding Hugo I didn't realise how many people where staring at him this wasn't to do with him being a cute baby either.
As we where leaving a lady stopped me, she asked what this was & pointed down towards his buggy. I just automatically presume she was talking about his limited edition buggy as it gets a lot of attention so I started explaining it. When she said no no not the buggy those & pointed right at Hugo's boots, well I was quite taken back I had completely forgotten about his boots oddly this is also the first time I had been asked so openly by a stranger.
She did apologise for asking but understandably didn't want to just stare at which I responded I would much prefer more people to ask if they where so intrigued by them I also thanked her for asking I explained & she sounded interested as she has a friends daughter who had Talipes but had to have operations to correct them. I then said good bye to her she was a lovely lady. Im glad she asked i wish more people did. But suddenly it felt like the whole room was starring at me as we walked out. My friend said lots of ladies where obviously starring whilst she was holding Hugo earlier & whispering about him to be honest not sure what they would of been saying but there we go.
We went through to get lunch in the restaurant I went up to order I had Hugo with me & the waitress came up started asking lots of questions as I said earlier I'm fine to answer the questions but this lady just kept saying "oh love I feel so sorry for you & him poor little man"
Er excuse me he's fine I'm fine we really don't need your pitty. He's a happy baby. Ok he was born with Bilateral Talipes ok he wears Boots with a Bar between them he knows no different.
Then another waitress came over "oh poor baby whats wrong with his feet?" I explain ... & again "I feel so sorry for you your doing a great job"...
By now I was either going to cry or laugh because I've never been made to feel so small by someone I've never met before.
Whilst I took Emilyn to the toilet I left Hugo with my friends & one of the waitresses came over had a little chat & once again "oh I feel so sorry for him" my friend actually pipped up & said why he was born like this he's always been in casts or his boots he's fine no need to feel sorry for him.
Is this what people think when they see him do they feel sorry for us? This is my life the last thing I want is people to pitty us.
Apart from this little blip we have had a lovely day with fab ladies & children just a shame some people feel the need to involve themselves into my life when I feel personally it's non of their business.


  1. Awww love the pic :) He's so yummy! Silly woman! I was like "you haven't got a clue love!" He's the happiest baby i know :) Fab seeing you today honey xx

  2. Awh he's beautiful and looks so happy, take no notice of other people, probably think you appreciate their sympathy! xx

  3. thank you yes i know what you mean maybe people feel i want them "tofeel sorry for us"!... when infact we are all coping fine :)

  4. How irritating!! He looks like a happy little man to me :) x

    1. thank you he really is the happiest little baby! x



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