Day 31 Why I Blog...

{31} Why I Blog

The Reason i started blogging My beautiful Son the first day of his Casts.
Good question. it all started with Twitter - yes Twitter.
I started following Mummy Blogs & found them very interesting,
My sister said a few months back when Hugo was having his leg casts "why don't you start a blog" i poo pooed the idea & said i had no idea how to start. But agreed it would be a good idea.
One Saturday morning i asked my Husband if he could help me set a blog up, I just wanted something simple, not anything too OTT, I needed to get my thoughts out of my head, Hugos Talipes had been going round & round in my head, & being a stay at home mum/housewife i needed some ooompth back in my life, to get my brain stimulated again with words with not just being a Mummy, i craved more i needed this.
I was shocked & still am shocked at how many people like my blog how many people read my blog... its lovely when new Mums read my blogs about Hugo when they have just found out themselves that your baby will have Talipes, & they find my blog helpful to them, that gives me unexplainable satisfaction.
I would say my blog to me is like going to see a therapist but much better i don't feel the need to want to punch my keyboard in the face... (we wont go into this the whole "so how are you feeling" routine) well how do you think I'm feeling I'm sitting here seeing you.
Anyways moving on... without my blog i think i might have gone stir crazy You may think i moan allot on here but its how i am well coping.
If I'm having a bad day i put the kids down for there naps & let my emotions take over my fingers & i type my heart out, I have a good cry & then i feel 10X better!
Who ever invented blogging i need to shake their hand!
its turned into my rock, my rock of confidence & I've made some amazing Blogging friends through this process.

well there you go, this is why i Blog. It has helped me get through a tough time of my life whilst helping others cope with their problems & difficulties too.
I am 100% honest in my blogs I am a Open book I tell no lies just the Truth.
I only Wish i had started it sooner...

So This is the end of the 31 day Blog Challenge.. & i am gutted! its been fabulous & i have found new great Blogs.

Day 30... In My Makeup Bag

{30} In My Cath Kidston Makeup Bag

I have Far too much -

I love Make up I am a real Make up kind of girl *I think it shows* ^^^^
I have a Open obsession with my eyebrows & draw them on daily - i do have eyebrows but they are small & light brown

this is my Daily normal make up Foundation - powder -bronzer - eyebrow pencil & Lipgloss

My Favourite Makeup is
I like to ask for this kind of make up for Christmas & Birthdays.

Day 29... Where I have travelled

29. Where have you travelled

Pretty much all over the U.K not a understatement - as a child every holiday was a UK break we rented cottages all over the place, my Dad is a long distance Lorry driver so i used to go on trips with him around the UK too.

when i was about 8 years old we went to Greece Crete but that wasn't a full Family holiday Dad didn't come Mum took a female friend of hers with us.
From then i had to wait till i was 15 years old & went to Spain with older friends I then lived there & then went to America Florida, Turkey, Greece,  & Tunisia
In between these holidays lots of trips to France- Disneyland Paris & Disneyland Florida

I am a Grown Up- Potty Taining through a Toddlers Eyes...

Well what a Beautiful weekend i have spent the past 3 days running around the garden, playing in the paddling pool, Eating ice creams, playing in the woods & watching the horses play in the fields, also using my potty!
Mummy says I'm fully Potty Trained now apart from night time?
why on earth would she want me to be potty trained at night time? I'm asleep where would i do my wee wees? my bed still has sides on like I'm stuck in a cage. Mummy thinks i like it like that calls in a safety blanket why is she bringing Blanky in to this? has she mentioned my blanky to you before? i think I've had a few they come everywhere with me except school. although i am told one is in My school bag, but when i went to look last Friday it had vanished! i was crying at school because it felt like my eyes where on fire all i wanted was my Mummy & Blanky & Neither things where with me! I got my teacher to call mummy to come pick me up i wanted to see the Doctor, Hugo goes to the Doctor allot recently for his Tongue & big needles went into  his legs! I'm used to it now he cries we give him cuddles & them hes happy again, i think you get lots of attention going to see a Doctor so i keep asking to go. i went on Friday they said i have something to do with Hay & a fever ! sounds scary Horses eat Hay! & a fever I've just no idea what that is... the kind lady gave me some medicine & my eyes felt better. over the weekend though i kept getting really itchy... everywhere all over my body my bottom is the worse mummy says i scratched it really badly & made it red raw... so this morning it was still really bad so i got to see the doctor again!
i get to wear my princess knickers all the time now, they have to be princess ones she keeps trying to put these butterfly ones on me making out they are indeed princess ones, i wont fall for it & make sure i get the ones with a actual princess on, I love going to the Doctors, i always have to go for a wee wee whilst we are waiting its so much fun they have blue soap in their bathroom!
I can remember the last time i wet myself, its all quite exciting I am indeed a Big girl now Hugo is a baby & i don't want to be a baby anymore, Ive even started to call Mummy "mum" & Nanny isn't "Nanna" anymore i keep being asked to call her Nanna but that's so babyish & i am not a baby! Ive also heard big people say "Thanks" instead of "Thank you" so i now say "Thank" but again Mummy keeps telling me to say "Thank you"
This being a Big Girl business is hard work. I liked being a baby life seemed so much easier no worries in the world. No worrying about wetting Myself having to feed myself the list is endless...
its still allot of fun to wait until Gogo is feeding to tell Mummy i need a weewee i can actually use the potty all on my own now but i hurt my thumb in the door at the weekend so i have to have a Peppa Pig plaster on it which means i can only use my good hand so i must always have mummy's help using the potty,
Everyone has stopped clapping & getting all excited when i go for a weewee on the potty now so i ask mummy to clap which she does but i want to be praised much more.
i heard mummy & daddy talking the other day mummy said she had toilet trained the doggies so i must be easier... why do Beth & Molly need to use the toilet? i couldn't imagine either of them fitting on the toilet especially Molly she must have to use my princess step to get up, i wonder if they can flush the toilet with their paws? all the questions running through my head?..
The doggies go for their walks allot i don't think they have toilets in the fields, i am going to have to keep my eyes on them to see where they do their weewees.
So i am now a Grown Up, although Mum wants to give my Dummy to the "DummyFairy" she says they live in the woods.. I'm not ready to give them away yet.
Mummy's calling me quick, don't tell her Ive Blogged again. sshh

Yours Sincerely Miss Emilyn XoX

Day 28 I'm looking forwards to...

Day 28 What are you looking forward to?

In the immediate future I am looking forwards to the Jubilee Bank Holiday I am going to Bicester Shopping outlet in Oxford & meeting up with a very good friend who's Son is just days older than Emilyn, after that at the End of June is my Birthday but I'm oddly not really looking forwards to that since I've had the babies my birthdays have changed. Hard to explain but sure other mummies know what I mean?

I am also waiting to hear back from the council about our house plans should be within the two weeks now. I want us to build our own place so bad it's like a itch I can't quite get - every time the postman comes I get all excited.

I could carry on - Holidays, Family trips, Birthdays, ect ect but I think that will do for now :)

Day 27 A Favourite Recipe

{27} A Favourite Recipe
Spag Bowl- Spaghetti Bolognese Simple & yummy Perfect in the winter Perfect in the Summer.
Add Pesto & Cheese Its a winner every time.

Day 26 An Old Photo

{26} An Old Photo
 I was very excited as soon as i saw today's Blog Title & knew exactly what photo i wanted to add -

This is My Father I think he was about 2 or 3 years old. This photo I have taken a real love for, Everything about it. My Dad had bright white blonde hair, wearing what i would call a "dress" with his two toys, the Teddy bear in the photo we still have & sits pride of place in my parents bedroom.
I absolutely love looking through old photos & watching old family home made videos,

Day 25 Blogs I Love

{25} Blogs I Love

I have really got into reading blogs, I am incredibly nosey & fascinated into other peoples lives,
here's a few i Love... there is Bound to be many more but I'm strapped for time today as I've got two very poorly grumpy children....

  • Honey's mummy : I love her blog seems very similar to myself I find myself in common with allot of the blogs.
  • Outmumbered : I love her Blog not just because she is hosting the 31 Day Blog Challenge but because she is a Interesting read :)
  • Confessions of a mumpreneur : I love her blog & she has a fab Children's Organic clothes website Kyna Boutique
  • HollyPena  : a New up & coming Blogger a good read of the challenges a young Mum faces.
  • BusyBees Reviews : being a bit cheeky & adding my New Review Blog up I need more Followers ;)

 And my fellow September 2009 Mummies!!
 Shay and Family| ThirtyMummy | MrsJC

Day 24 Favourite Childhood Book

{24} Favourite Childhood Book

 My Favourite Childhood Book would have to be Bartholomew Bear we got the "BE GENTLE" book for Emilyn & the Bartholomew Books are now her favourite too... I love reading them to her i then can remember my mum reading them to me.

 I also used to Love the FunnyBones & Starting School books. I loved the FunnyBones i think they also had a TV programme?

Day 23 Dream Job

{23} Dream Job

When i was 15 years old i would of said Model - then when i got more & more involved in the industry i actually didn't enjoy it. i enjoyed being centre of attention, i enjoyed looking back at the photos, i enjoyed seeing myself in magazines or on TV but my agent wanted me to do more, go clubbing with other Model girls getting seen with celebs, footballers, constantly needing my hair done extensions, Sunbeds, nails, there was just far too much upkeep for me... i had just met my Boyfriend - Husband now Mic & it just wasn't me. Even though Mic was 100% supportive & told me to do what i wanted I thank him for that hugely... anyways I had Emilyn & then decided that was it for me. got Emilyn into modelling she had lots of castings & one big job for Monsoon last year.
Its sad now if you ask a young teenager what is your dream job & there response is "Glamour Model" they have no idea about the "real world"
Photos for Miss Teen 2005

Jimmy Choo Music Video

Now my dream job would be either to be a paid to Tweet all day. (how amazing would that be)
Or work for Bugaboo Headquarters. (free bugaboos ;))

I have no reason to go back to work anytime soon & my dream job is staying at home with the children, I believe i can do whatever i like in my life if i want something bad enough i will get there.
Anything is Possible if you have the Belief in yourself

Day 22... Best Thing This Year!

{22} Best Thing This Year!
 This one is by far the easiest for me to Blog about! the birth of my Son Hugo born on the 7th January 5 days overdue. so without a doubt the best thing that has happened for all of us this year. Hes now almost 5 months old crazy how fast time goes. I'm head over heals in love with my little people !

Day 21...10 Favourite Foods!

{21} 10 Favourite Foods!

1. Pâté

2. Chocolate

3. Apples

4. My home made Pasta egg salad

5. Duck

6. Cereal

7. Tortilla Chicken Wraps 

8. Beef Roast Dinner

9. Foam Shrimp sweeties -  infact any old fashioned penny sweets !

10. Moussaka

Day 20 A Difficult Time

{20} A Difficult Time

I would say in recent years there has been 3 very Difficult times for my Family & I, However I will only talk about one As one was Hugo with all the heart ache of the unknown Here is Hugo's Blog, Another is just way to horrendous that im just not ready to talk about yet so Ive chosen this one :

This is a difficult thing for me to even write down as we don't really ever talk about it. 5 years ago around this time my Mum found out she had Breast cancer the day she got her results we all had a very normal day my Sister at University I was at work & my younger Sister at school. All day I couldn't concentrate the not knowing going round & round in my head praying everything will be ok hearing almost everyone around me saying the normal "Everything will be ok love" well what if it wasn't!
as i was finishing work i kept trying to phone mum & dad, as i was only 16 i couldn't drive so a good work colleague offered to take me home as mum normally picked me up.
As i was leaving work i received a text saying something similar to "will see you at home. Love you"
I knew then it wasn't good news. I just Broke down in tears how could this be happening to my family to my mum - the common phrase "this will never happen to me"
My work colleague was Brilliant & bought my mum a bunch of  flowers & dropped me home. It was by far one of the most surreal moments of my life & one non of us ever go into detail much. Oddly though i can't remember too much my little sister was 10 & she remembers even less than i do. I do remember getting the train to My best friends it house i felt as it i needed to escape it, I feel awful for that now. the next few days/ weeks all blurred in to one. Fortunately they had caught it early enough to be able to remove it Mum had a mastectomy & I just remember going to see her driving down to the hospital in one of dads Mercedes with my sisters dad & my friend we dropped her home before seeing mum.
walking into her room was horrible seeing her in pain very out of it on medication. we felt like we needed to be strong for her i cried allot behind closed doors
My Mum was so strong though it, & I cant even imagine how she felt / feels about it now.
& Now here comes my guilty bit, I had the opportunity to go to possibly live in Spain & took it i don't regret any of it but i feel like the most terrible daughter for doing so, Mum  & I did talk it over & over & she told me to do what i felt right. but that guilt no doubt will ever leave.
So perhaps i do regret it? 

Life has Many Questions, Just not enough Answers.

Day 19...I Collect...

Wow so sorry i have been away over the weekend so couldn't get on my Blog I hadn't forgotten about you & now have so much to catch up on!
{19} I Collect...

My Pandora Charms I love them I have them in 3 sections 1: Emilyn section 2: Hugo Section & the Middle is Hubby & My Section I love it

Day 18 My Blog Name

{18} My Blog Name

 BusyBee Mummy Bex

I wanted to start a Blog - but did i heck want to create a name! I used to make Cupcakes & I called it MummyBs Cupcakes, allot of my old Friends call me B B for Bex I'm Busy all the time, i find it hard to rest. my own fault I'm exhausted most the time. ;) i like Bumble Bees (not when I'm stung by them)  so i thought it was quite cute.
Ha so not a interesting Blog but there you go roll on to tomorrow's Blog.

Check List for Hugo

I know I know having a baby isn't something to take on lightly. I of course knew there could be implications to my Pregnancy/Labour/baby, I just never thought it would happen to me But then who does?
I just feel like its one thing after another at the moment in my head I've written a check list & I'm slowly ticking things off.

Check List in my head-

Boots & Bars 23 hours a day
Boots & Bars 14 hours a day
Tongue Tie - Cut
Born with Sticky eyes Left eye cleared up Right eye still Sticky!

The Normal Baby worries - Nappy rash, Trapped Wind/Reflux, How much milk there taking in? Is baby Hot or cold? when baby has a snotty nose & cant breath at night sick after every feed. The List is Endless...
So I feel yep i can cope with these. i can cope with lack of sleep But then I have the added bonus of worrying  about Blisters, Blisters on my tiny babies feet!- if his Boots are on too tight or too lose? If i have caught his toe in his boot again (its now a major fear of mine) Whilst he was in his Casts i had to check his Toes where not too cold & still had good circulation. The Dreaded feeling of forgetting to put his Boots & Bar back on at 6pm & its 8pm then having to leave them on that extra two hours the next day. I try my best to remember but I get cooking dinner & tidying up getting Emilyn ready for bed & them Bam its 8pm Hugo's bedtime & hes still in his babygro!

These are all things i hadn't thought about whilst i was pregnant with Hugo. I thought would he fit in his Carseat with his casts & BnB on? would he fit in his Bugaboo buggy? would he fit in his crib? what clothes will he be able to wear? But never did i think about Blisters & sores & Ingrown toe nails on my 3 month old baby! Or breastfeeding him with his casts & BnB on was difficult at first & even now annoying particularly at night time if Mic is sleeping close to my pillow & doesn't wake up to move he is extremely liking to get the metal bar kicked in to his head- fortunately he has learnt from that after two unfortunate events.

So if we take a look down the Check list
We have indeed finished the 4 weeks of Casts - we where really lucky the normal amount averages out from 6-8 weeks & then perhaps the tenotamy then another 3 weeks of casts. So we are well above average, But the night after the new cast weekly was always awful I was always told the casts don't hurt him but he would cry all night & it took me a few weeks to try him with calpol *My consultant told me to give him some. after he had some i think we where 3 weeks in & he did sleep better,

Hugo at 5 days old first day in his casts
then Boots & Bars 23 hours aday I was so excited to cut down to 14 hours aday i was counting down week from week each week knowing i was getting closer to BnB just at nights, the Idea of people not knowing anything about Hugo's feet would be amazing if you had read my please don't feel sorry for me or my son blog you will understand more to why i was so excited to hurry up with the full time BnB the first few days in his BnB where like a living Hell took just over 4 days he Screamed the first night i just sat up with him crying with him as i was exhausted & watching Hugo cry in pain was horrendous He must of been in pain & a mixture of annoyance as he had to move both legs together - i hand on my heart will Never forget those first few horrendous days they haunt me to see my baby like that.

Hugo having his Boots & Bars put on at the Hospital
Boots & Bars down to 14 hours a day well how blooming exciting! i get to take Hugo out with no shoes on!- wow! babygros ! i get my baby back! the first day i shed a tear having to put his BnB back on he looked so confused & was a little restless that night & the following few days. but now we are just over a week into the BnB just at nights & he is back to his usual self. Although No-one tells you how noisy they are at sleeping! - Hugo kicks his BnB up & down all night -All Night! even whilst fully asleep I hear it whilst i sleep! It will be something i get used to soon no doubt.
Colourful Babygro's

Hugo out without his BnB on the first day 14 Hours a day BnB
His Tongue Tie
Well where do i start if you hadn't read my previous blog 'Feeling Tongue Tied?' its been a long process we finally had our referral date & once we got to the hospital we where then Referred to St.Georges Hospital in London As Hugo was just over the cut off age to have his tongue cut without anaesthetic, The wait in the corridor was agonising listening to each baby cry after getting their tongue cut, as we where called in i automatically started shaking i had no idea what to expect we spoke to our Consultant at St Georges, Mic & I both explained as he is only just 18 weeks, we would give our permission & consent  for them to just cut it then & there, before we knew it we where in the side room ready to breastfeed Hugo, sitting there just shaking - then the highest pitched scream & a cry, we turned to each other & both said "that's our Hugo" tears welling up in my eyes, feeling like the worst parents in the world. The door then opened Hugo was presented to us with a wod of cotton wool in his mouth i didn't dare look at it when the Consultant took it from his mouth & then we tried to feed Hugo, it took a few minutes but once he had latched on he had a good feed & then we where ready to leave the hospital, Hugo was smiling as we left, I cant even put into words how relived i felt that it was all over.
That night Hugo was quite groggy his Tongue must of hurt a bit & he was up alot. Feeding him now is so much better doesn't hurt anymore But think he needs to adjust to how much he is taking in as hes got quite sicky I'm sure he will get used to it quick enough though.

Happy Hugo after having his tongue tie cut - after his feed
Hugo's Eczema
Well i knew he would be born with this as its a big part of my Family both my Parents sides of the family suffer I suffer every now & again & Emilyn had it badly as a baby still flares up now & again, Hugo's Eczema is horrible all over his face tops of his arms & head. I cant wash him with any smelly or bubble bath cant wash his hair with anything & even with me just using water his face goes red raw poor thing, steroid cream seems to sort it out his face is constantly covered in creams.

Silly Annoying Sticky Eyes!
I have almost given up his right eye just wont budge, Ive been back & forth to the Doctors hes had swabs taken & given 5 different types of Antibiotic eye drops, creams ect ect, i clean it 5 times a day with cooled boiled water its still there! - the left eye cleared up straight away!  Something must take it away, he wakes up in the mornings unable to open it. i have to help him. Hopefully my Health Visitor will be able to help with a new idea to get it gone!

Things in life are here to test us- we just need to make sure to get out the other side, Once we do, we are so much stronger....

Day 17 My Proudest Moment

{17} My Proudest Moment Has to be by far the Births of both my babies, Emlyn's Birth was amazing as was over 20 hours long ended up having a Epidural so her actual birth was slow & quite surreal.

Almost the first picture - I wont upload the first picture as there was a lot of blood!

 Hugo's Birth was very quick after 3 days of Labour i made them break my water at 1 cm dilated & i had him within 3 hours with just Gas & Air I made Hubby promise me not to give in to my pleads for the Epidural & in actual fact even if i had asked over & over again there seemed to be no Doctors to do it as all where in surgery delivering twins. I wasn't aloud a Water Birth either as I may need a blood transfusion  His Birth was quite shocking & dramatic I stood up & gave birth i was in total shock. But totally worth it i am so amazed i done it with just G&A i used to be so in ore of people who had labours like that, never thinking i could be one. The best experience of my life.
In Labour with Hugo - about 7 cm dilated

about an hour or so after Hugo was born I needed alot of sorting out..

 nothing & i mean nothing even comes close to how proud i was that i gave birth to my babies how proud i was holding them for the first time we made them. they are ours! even now whilst sitting with both babies on the sofa i am oozing with pride.

MY Family <3

Day 16 Top Of My Bucket List

{16} Top Of My Bucket List This is a new one for me I've never really thought of a Bucket List There is however a few things i want to do before I'm 30.

I would love to Visit Australia with my family as My Grandparents lived there & i still have Family there i feel i am missing out on a part of me.
To Clear all debts & cut up credit cards (i can almost tick this one off)
& To own a pair of Louboutins (this will probably put me back in to debt)

Potty training in a Toddlers Eyes.

Join me on my potty training Journey...
A Few days ago i decided to get Mummy to find my potty, I want to be a big girl & not wear a nappy like my baby brother does.
She seemed really excited to give me my pink potty & then ran to get my green one too.
Why on earth was she this happy? well over the next few days i treid really hard every wee wee i had on the potty everyone clapped & said how wonderful i was - I could get used to this! On sunday i think it was Sunday Daddy was home so must of been saturday or sunday although my Mummy said something about Daddy working saturday because he took a day off to take Gogo to the hospital. I had school then got to spend the afternoon with my Nanna. oh i was sidetracked sorry Mummy has informed me it was infact Sunday we went to buy me some Knickers i chose some pretty princess ones. I dont like the boring flower ones I only want to wear the knickers with the princess's on.
It's great fun all this potty training stuff is what they call it. I say I need a wee wee & someone comes running mummy & daddy shout to each other to get me on the toilet quickly!... I think they think I'm going to explode! I can hold it in but it's fun to have accidents every now & then to keep them on their toes!
I did get quite upset the other day I told daddy I needed the toilet but he couldn't find my was right behind him both of them together they come as a pair mummy thinks they should be upstairs & downstairs but she's wrong they must be together or they'd get lonely.
Today is one, two, three, four day four of potty training thingy & I now know what it's all about but decided that I don't want to use the potty the toilet mummy uses is fine but I must have my toy story toilet lid on it. It's been fun today whilst mummy was making lunch I kept telling her a needed a wee wee so she had to take me up to the toilet we sing "old mc Donald song" & she keeps telling me to "Relax relax"... What ever that means I repeat it thoug so she thinks I know what she's on about. I think she's crazy some days cooking & cleaning whilst feeding Gogo that's the absolute best time to ask for a wee wee even if I don't need to go I may just go "pop" & then I'm all done, after I've been to the toilet it's fun to tell Everyone I even rung Daddy whilst he was at work earlier to tell him I had a wee wee on the toy story toilet. He couldn't answer so I spoke to the talking lady & she said beep & then I said "daddy I done it I done it I had weewee"
Mummy keeps telling me how proud she is of me, I've decided I like wearing knicker nappies I think mummy called them pull ups what a silly name?
Sometimes I like to play the wee wee game I tell mummy I need a wee wee do my wee dance & I get to sit on the toilet & sing the "old mc Donald song" I do this over & over again until I think mummy gets annoyed she's looking old & tired today I think Gogo was up a lot last night he had Hospital again yesterday to get a new Tongue. I worried about him all day & kept asking Nanna if Gogo is ok? I was so glad when they got home the first thing I asked was how's Gogo's new tongue, It must of hurt I wonder why he needed a new one ?
I think mummy needs the laptop now she might tell me off for being on her laptop I hope she doesn't find out about my blog.
I will be in knickers in no time just you wait.
Love from Emilyn Happy Reading

Day 15...A Day In My Life

 A Day In My Life A timeline of a day in the life of me?

As my days change dramatically i will Blog a Typical Pre-school day for us - i love Preschool days as we have structure & routine Mon - Fri are good structured days for me Saturday & Sunday when Hubby is home i try to keep Routine but we tend to do big days out so naps & lunch get a bit lost.

So my Typical day goes 

 5:50am Emilyn Wakes up she is still sleeping in her cot so either calls for "Mummy" or "Daddar" if she calls out for me & Daddy goes in to get her there is normally a early morning Tantrum & vice versa. But we get her into our bed & put Tele on for her & we try to get a little cat nap in Till Hugo wakes up

7am Hugo wakes up & we go down to get Coffee & breakfast then back to bed I do my make up Mic amuses the babies

8am Mic & I get up get the children bathed & dressed.

8:30am Mic goes off to Work

9am I take Emilyn to Pre-school for 9:15am. come home Hugo asleep so i hoover the house clean kitchen & then Blog catch up with twitter facebook emails ect.

11.00am Hugo will wake up for his feed & then about 11:30 i grab lunch before going back out to collect Emilyn.

12:30pm Picked Emilyn up from preschool back home she has her lunch.

1pm Emilyn will go down for her Nap I either do more cleaning sort Hugo out then chill with a coffee might catch up with sky + then do some clothes washing.

2:30pm Emilyn normally wakes up we then get arts & crafts out do painting or some baking to keep her amused.

4pm Start thinking about dinner - in between the day I've had to feed Hugo every few hours Emilyn is very good at amusing herself whilst i feed him.

6:30pm Mic gets Home from work & we have dinner as a family.

7.00pm Emilyn then goes to bed  whilst Mic cleans the kitchen.

7:30pm-I feed Hugo get him ready for bed Mic checks his emails & sports news.

8pm Hugo goes to bed. Mic & Me generally go to sleep then too apart from Fri & Saturdays when we watch a film & eat chocolates :) Latest bedtime for me is 10pm ever i am a old lady!

Day 14...If I won the Lottery

If I Won The Lottery -
                                 When i was younger i would of ran off this whole long never ending list - Cars, houses in UK, Spain, USA, Yearly trips to Australia, Owning Business after Business, Living the Life of Extreme luxury, Cleaners, Butlers, Personal Shoppers - The Top Notch of life, (Oh how i cringe back at my naivety) I also don't think i factored in children or helping charities But now I am thinking so differently & I think in a much better healthier way.
                                      OK so I am probably going to sound like a nutter - but i would hate to win the lottery. If on the off chance my Husband put the lottery on (he does every now & then) & if we won I would Pay off our small Debts & help Family members out. I wouldn't go out & buy a flash car i wouldn't go out & buy a mansion. I would however buy a big plot of land with guaranteed planning permission to build our Dream family house - But we are in the process of planning permission to build our house at the moment as there is no guarantee the council will agree on the plot of land we have its all in limbo until we hear back from them. the Rest of the money would go into the Children's trust funds Perhaps put some into shares & a few Charities close to my heart. I am very Content & happy with my life I think Millions of pounds would ruin it- being given Money certainly doesn't buy happiness - Making Money yourself on the other hand can do- the satisfaction of saying I worked hard for X, Y & Z is the most amazing feeling.
As long as i have enough money each month for Bills, Mortgage, Food & clothes for everyone, I'm happy.
Living comfortably enough is what makes me happy. 

Day 13 My Earliest Childhood Memory

Day 13: Your Earliest Childhood Memory - I'm finding it really hard to think back further than when my younger sister was born - i was 6 years old. Earlier memories would include My 4th Birthday Party, A Trip to Ireland with my family & Grandad, Playgroup when i was about 3 years old running around after the boys & trying to get there first to play on the fisher price bikes.

I Find it really hard to know if its a Memory or if its because I've seen it on my Home videos that we have lots of. But i do remember fully our Ireland Holiday, My Birthday Party & my sisters Baptism. Its so odd the things you remember though even thinking back to a few years ago I'm not 100% sure if what i remember is true. Bizarre.

This was when i was 3 years old in Ireland.
this was before my Younger sisters Baptism i was 6 years old.
This was my 4th birthday party I remember this as if it was yesterday- My dad putting a ice cube down my back!- the girl next to me was called Chelsea & she gave me a "swimming barbie" for my Birthday

Day 12 what's inside my fridge

Day 12 - what's inside your fridge

Well this is the contents of my fridge... we went shopping only yesterday so it isn't always this full !
Lots of butter for cake baking
Lots of yogurts - we all love yogurts.
Lots of Vegetables
Lots of Cheese
Milk & Orange in the side
A Chicken for Roast Dinner

 Not very exciting - but it is my Fridge :)

the front hugo scan photo - me Emilyn & Mic - My doggy as a puppy
Inside the fridge


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