Day 1 Introduction and recent photo....

So here goes the start of my 31 day blog challenge, If you'd like to join in pop over to Boy oh Boy
Introduction and recent photo....

Ok so here goes. My Name is Bex i am 21 years young Married To my wonderful Hardworking Husband Mic & we have two Children together Emilyn 2 years 8months abit of a Drama queen very intelligent & into her Arts/Crafts/Baking ect & Hugo who's 4Months born with Bilateral Talipes, We are almost on the 7 Day countdown to only having to wear his Boots & Bars for 14 hours aday at night time.

We live in the rural West Sussex countryside, in the process of trying to get Planning to build our own house. Whether this dream will become a reality is in the hands of our local council.

I love coffee, baking cakes/cupcakes, painting with the children, reading, being outdoors, snuggles with my family, chocolate, writing i started this blog initially to help me cope with Hugos Talipes as for me it was a huge hurdle to over come, i feel a whole weight being lifted once I've typed out all my feelings.

I am currently a stay at home mum & plan to be until both babies are at full time school although i know plans can change so i am open to going back to work sooner if need be.

 Here's a Recent Photo of me well from last month
i struggled to find one without the babies they normally look like ...



  1. Lovely blog Bex we are quite similar! Thanks for commenting on my post today looking forward to learning more about you! Great photos you're very pretty and have beautiful children x

  2. Nice to meet you. Looking forward to reading more. :)

  3. Lovely introduction and what a beautiful family you have! Looking forward to finding out more about you xx

  4. Lovely to meet you - hi from N Ireland.

  5. Hello from Chicago Bex. Your family is beautiful! Looking forward to reading more of your posts this month. :)

    1. wow Chicago! hope the weathers better than it is here :)
      Thank you xxx

  6. Your babies are SO CUTE. I know you from Twitter so thanks for joining in and sharing a little more about yourself! Can;t wait to find out more in the next few weeks :)

  7. thank you all. I look forwards to learning more about you all :) xxx

  8. I want to do one of these at some point is it to late haha ;) need to wait till i've got internet and things are a little calmer xx



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