Day 13 My Earliest Childhood Memory

Day 13: Your Earliest Childhood Memory - I'm finding it really hard to think back further than when my younger sister was born - i was 6 years old. Earlier memories would include My 4th Birthday Party, A Trip to Ireland with my family & Grandad, Playgroup when i was about 3 years old running around after the boys & trying to get there first to play on the fisher price bikes.

I Find it really hard to know if its a Memory or if its because I've seen it on my Home videos that we have lots of. But i do remember fully our Ireland Holiday, My Birthday Party & my sisters Baptism. Its so odd the things you remember though even thinking back to a few years ago I'm not 100% sure if what i remember is true. Bizarre.

This was when i was 3 years old in Ireland.
this was before my Younger sisters Baptism i was 6 years old.
This was my 4th birthday party I remember this as if it was yesterday- My dad putting a ice cube down my back!- the girl next to me was called Chelsea & she gave me a "swimming barbie" for my Birthday


  1. Have you ever been back to Ireland?

    Lovely memories!! Thanks so much for keeping up and joining in!

  2. no unfortunatly i havent had a chance to, it was a lovely holiday, must organise one with Hubby & children :)
    I must say i am very much enjoying it! Thank you for sorting it out for us xx

  3. I agree - sometimes it is hard to remember what you actually remember, or just remember because of the photos and video.

  4. It's so tough sometimes I love watching childhood videos :) x



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