Day 14...If I won the Lottery

If I Won The Lottery -
                                 When i was younger i would of ran off this whole long never ending list - Cars, houses in UK, Spain, USA, Yearly trips to Australia, Owning Business after Business, Living the Life of Extreme luxury, Cleaners, Butlers, Personal Shoppers - The Top Notch of life, (Oh how i cringe back at my naivety) I also don't think i factored in children or helping charities But now I am thinking so differently & I think in a much better healthier way.
                                      OK so I am probably going to sound like a nutter - but i would hate to win the lottery. If on the off chance my Husband put the lottery on (he does every now & then) & if we won I would Pay off our small Debts & help Family members out. I wouldn't go out & buy a flash car i wouldn't go out & buy a mansion. I would however buy a big plot of land with guaranteed planning permission to build our Dream family house - But we are in the process of planning permission to build our house at the moment as there is no guarantee the council will agree on the plot of land we have its all in limbo until we hear back from them. the Rest of the money would go into the Children's trust funds Perhaps put some into shares & a few Charities close to my heart. I am very Content & happy with my life I think Millions of pounds would ruin it- being given Money certainly doesn't buy happiness - Making Money yourself on the other hand can do- the satisfaction of saying I worked hard for X, Y & Z is the most amazing feeling.
As long as i have enough money each month for Bills, Mortgage, Food & clothes for everyone, I'm happy.
Living comfortably enough is what makes me happy. 


  1. Very sensible and wise choices lovely, but nothing wrong with that at all :) xx

  2. I agree - sensible and wise - and kind and generous too :)



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