Day 15...A Day In My Life

 A Day In My Life A timeline of a day in the life of me?

As my days change dramatically i will Blog a Typical Pre-school day for us - i love Preschool days as we have structure & routine Mon - Fri are good structured days for me Saturday & Sunday when Hubby is home i try to keep Routine but we tend to do big days out so naps & lunch get a bit lost.

So my Typical day goes 

 5:50am Emilyn Wakes up she is still sleeping in her cot so either calls for "Mummy" or "Daddar" if she calls out for me & Daddy goes in to get her there is normally a early morning Tantrum & vice versa. But we get her into our bed & put Tele on for her & we try to get a little cat nap in Till Hugo wakes up

7am Hugo wakes up & we go down to get Coffee & breakfast then back to bed I do my make up Mic amuses the babies

8am Mic & I get up get the children bathed & dressed.

8:30am Mic goes off to Work

9am I take Emilyn to Pre-school for 9:15am. come home Hugo asleep so i hoover the house clean kitchen & then Blog catch up with twitter facebook emails ect.

11.00am Hugo will wake up for his feed & then about 11:30 i grab lunch before going back out to collect Emilyn.

12:30pm Picked Emilyn up from preschool back home she has her lunch.

1pm Emilyn will go down for her Nap I either do more cleaning sort Hugo out then chill with a coffee might catch up with sky + then do some clothes washing.

2:30pm Emilyn normally wakes up we then get arts & crafts out do painting or some baking to keep her amused.

4pm Start thinking about dinner - in between the day I've had to feed Hugo every few hours Emilyn is very good at amusing herself whilst i feed him.

6:30pm Mic gets Home from work & we have dinner as a family.

7.00pm Emilyn then goes to bed  whilst Mic cleans the kitchen.

7:30pm-I feed Hugo get him ready for bed Mic checks his emails & sports news.

8pm Hugo goes to bed. Mic & Me generally go to sleep then too apart from Fri & Saturdays when we watch a film & eat chocolates :) Latest bedtime for me is 10pm ever i am a old lady!


  1. this is great may have to do one of these ;) xx

  2. Yes you should get involved - catch up :) x

  3. Yes you should get involved - catch up :) x

  4. Yes you should get involved - catch up :) x

  5. I've no idea why or how that posted 3 times :/

  6. I am impressed - makeup!!! :)



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