Day 7 My Pet Hates

Day 7 - Pet Hates

I have been looking forwards to do this one all morning...I've got my laptop out & my Coffee in hand.

1. Smoking - I am a Ex smoker I know how inconsiderate smokers can be, I will stop my rant here.
2. Mess - especially after Ive just hoovered or cleaned the kitchen.
3. Bad Manners in Adults & Children- Is it so hard to say "please & thank you "
4. People who park in "Parent & Baby" Spaces- who either don't have children or their child is above 5 years old
5. Also the lacking of "Parent & Baby" spaces in car parks- I find it difficult to squeeze the carseat out when parked next to other cars!.
6. The Glass of milk is half Empty kind of people- You have a good life stop complaining about such trivial things please!
7. People who judge me for buying over extravagant things for my Babies - it really is non of there business.
8. People who swear very loudly infront of my children.
9. Speeding- Over taking on corners your not just risking your life your risking all the Innocent other drivers & passengers!
10. Drink Driving - again as above reason
11. Littering - use a BIN!
12. Toys- I know im a mummy with two children but Emilyn has way too many toys! 

Sorting out her toys-

All sorted - still too many

There IS much more but I will stop now, I really am not a control freak of any kind & i probably do things that Bug the hell out of other people too! Enjoy the rest of this Rainy Monday Bloggers & other People x


  1. Fab list and so so true. I'm also an ex-smoker who gets annoyed by them!

  2. Yay I'm so glad I'm not alone :) x

  3. As Barney sings "please and thankyou are the magic words"!!!

  4. Jan that made me smile :) I love Barney x



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