Day 8 What's In Your Handbag

Day 8: What's In Your Handbag

I Don't use an actual handbag- for almost 3 years now i have swapped my Gucci & Louis Vuittons for Pink Linings Yummy Mummy Changing Bags this is my second one so far. I honestly couldn't survive day to day life without my Yummy Mummy Bag - I tried the Cath Kidston Changing Bag but didn't get along with it at all so sold it & got this one a few days after i had Hugo.

This is whats in my Changing Bag

    • Size 3 & Size 5 Nappies 
    • Change of clothes for Hugo
    • sick blankets 
    • Breast Pads
    • Gloves
    • Mini Chedders
    • my inhalers
    • huggies wipes
    • a wooden tree?
    • Rennies
    • Anti - bacterial hand gel
    •  Emilyns Water bottle
    • Emilyns Raincoat
    • Changing mat
    • Emilyns Bow for her hair
    • Sudocrem
    • My Lipgloss
    • My Purse
    • Emilyns Dummies
Emilyn wanted to Join in - our bags all packed away nicely.
Emilyn showing whats in her Clareabella bag


  1. Aw, so cute. :) I love my yummy mummy bag, too. I recently traded it in for a Koochu bag, though, as it was unisex and more suitable for my OH. :)

  2. Love bag posts, I'm going to do one ;-)
    I hated the Cath Kidston one too, sold it on ebay! xxxxx

  3. That's a lot of stuff in one bag! Loving Emilyn's little tote bag too :) x

  4. I sold mine on gumtree shame there very pretty :)
    I love bags. Emilyn loves bags too I wonder where she gets it from? :) xxx

  5. Emilyn's bag is very cute.

    Wooden tree?

  6. That is so sweet :) I just knew you'd have that bag ha, i love it wish i had one! x

  7. Aww how adorable :) I am exceedingly jealous of your Pink Lining changing bag, really need to work on the other half to get me one! xxx

  8. You are able to store so much stuff in that bag! :)

  9. a wooden tree? haha we all have a wildcard in our bag somewhere haha

  10. Ha yes the highlights of having a toddler she puts such random things in my bags - normally s duplo man :)



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